Sunday, July 27, 2014

The suicidal saucer

I am crazy about crystalwares and earthenwares. From china ware, porcelains to potteries, I just can't resist their sight or bringing the best of them home. Its the beauty of one, and the elegance of the other that makes them so dear to me.

There is this one cup-saucer set we have now, made in France, which is my special favourite. It is such a pretty piece; off-white with an elegant little pink posy right in its middle. If you hold it up to light, you can see light almost stream through it.

We use it only on special occassions and by some mischance or another one particular saucer from the set always fell. I kept a notice of it, since it first fell, so I can tell. But what amazed us initially was the way it survived without a single crack everytime.

Then I learnt it was made of toughened glass, but it didn't make us any more careless towards it. Yet, it was found a way out from the cabinet and as if it was determined or cursed to dive towards the ground everytime, it never missed a chance.

It at last, fell to its death a few days ago just as I left it on the rack to dry. It shattered to so many pieces, it really seemed an irony to its various escapes. Being of toughened glass, it did not shatter into jagged shards, but rather broke into tiny pearly beads of porcelain.

Yet, it was still so beautiful even in its tragic remains that even as I disposed it, I had to fight the urge to collect them all and store away from the world.

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  1. I love chinaware too and used to have a small, beautiful collection. Sorry to hear of its demise. Could you have created it into a new piece of art somehow?