Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A story of dedication and disappointment

The debut novel of Khaled Hosseini took us through the lives and times of two friends,

Aamir and Hassan.

The kite runner is a novel for the speaking heart. It reveals the glory and plight of Afghanistan through the lives of these two childhood friend. On one hand, where the rich and sensitive but self absorbed Aamir treated his friendship with Hassan as a plaything and to his convenience (sadly it is how so many today their friendships too!), On the other hand, the sweet, brave and poor Hassan reciprocated with utmost honesty and unimaginable dedication. So much that it haunted Aamir even thousand miles apart across the globe, and to the extend that Hassan remains true to it till the end, even forgiving Aamir unasked.
I have often wondered if there can be friends like Hassan in today's world. I don't know! But it is his version of friendship and Aamir at long last redemption which makes their friendship one of the best in fiction.


  1. I am not yet familiar with this story. I will have to look it up and read it. From your description, it sounds as if this would be "my kind of story"! I look forward to reading it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It is indeed a must read, cindy :) but it is bound to tear at ur heart. Do take my word for it n read i. Will wait to know ur thoughts on it :)

  2. The Kite runner is a beautiful book indeed.... such friends are rare indeed.... simple n sweet post....

  3. Thanks, Huma... i am glad you agree with me :)