Friday, July 18, 2014

The joy of small things

Where has the joy disappeared,
Over the first drops of rain?
Where is it lost,
Even on seeing the sun shine once again?

Is it also gone,
From seeing a bud unfold and grow?
From sitting around a fire
To exchange tales and lore?

Will we never be happy now,
Over little notes and gifts of love?
Maybe just a wee trinklet,
A book or a dove!

Let's just suffice it to say,
We are above all these trifles now;
We don't know of their beauty,
Or even exactly as to they feel how!


  1. Many of us, Asiya, are so overwhelmed by the commercial and material world, that we have to be retaught "the joy of small things".
    Thank you for the reminder :)
    HUGS <3

  2. Oh, my sweet friend! You can learn to enjoy the small things again. Just clear your mind and watch the beauty of life! Slow down and smell the roses and take the time each day to enjoy the simple pleasures.

  3. Dear cindy, u r so ryt! I hope ur message reaches those who have really forgotten the joy of small things :)