Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Noblest of them all!

Once when i was little, my sister was so touched by the dedicated attention of doctors to my father when he was undergoing some treatment, I recall her observing that surely a doctor's is the most noblest profession.

I agree, to heal, save and care for a life is a really honourable and noble way of life, but to confer it the title of being "the noblest" seems a bit overdone to me.

I mean there are so many professions without which humanity and life on earth would suffer and struggle! There's nobility is every deed and honour in every profession (that are not vice).

And the comradeship and acceptance i found here, in the blogging community and amidst the co-authors of my anthology is really so amazing and humbling.

All of you help and support with such altruism, connect with such honesty and goodwill, and care with such concern, you really belittle the agonies, disappointments and heartbreakers in life. You hold us up and never allow us to give up.

You all rock and this blog is dedicated to all you precious friends i found in this wonderful world of writing and blogging.

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