Saturday, July 26, 2014

More beautiful than the end

I embarked on this daily blog challenge by chance. I had joined UBC few months ago as a desperate effort to revive my blogging spirit. I used to blog so often n spontaneously when I first began it nearly six years ago.

I had my account at rediff back then, and the site was called rediffiland. You can still find my blogs there via this link-

It was a beautiful site with wonderful outlook about it-very social, friendly n happy-go-lucky kind. Then, I don't know what went into the heads of rediff's creative department, or what madness possessed it, it decided to revamp it, closed it all down, and re-opened it as rediffblogs with an almost lifeless, fussy and all-business appearance. It killed the fun of blogging and dampened the spirits of we fellow bloggers. We gradually scattered and migrated to other sites.

I came to google's blogger. But blogging didn't feel the same again. I blame myself for it. I must have not taken things in the right stride.

Then again magic happened! A chance reading of Judy Yaron's blog and commenting on it changed the whole equation. She noticed me and my absence in the challenge, and prompted me to join it. I really can't tell you how thankful I am, Judy.

The first few blogs were spontaneous, then inspirations, anecdotes, imagination and encouragement took over and I all seems right again.

I met such wonderful friends here like Judy Yaron, Cindy Ackley, Elly Stornebrink, Sophie Bowns, Huma Masood and all; and learnt so much from you all. I really love you all dearly.

This 31 days journey has become more important and beautiful than it's destination, and I admit like all beautiful things I am a tad disheartened that it will end soon.

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  1. I hear you Asma. I am with you. I happened upon this UBC by chance and have met some wonderful people as well. We can still keep in touch though directly and also indirectly via Kathy Hadleys' new site. Love you too sister! ... And by the way, I too notice that it seems that oftentimes when things are changed in the techy world, such as blogs and emails, they seem to worsen it. Is that just me 'cause I'm tech-challenged? ;)