Saturday, July 26, 2014

I, tortoise

There is this fun online quiz I once took as to what animal am I. It might sound weird or silly, but the purpose of the quiz was to emphasise the basic traits of the animal in our attitude from the answers we pick, thus metaphorically making us the animal.

I got "polecat" as my result, though I hardly agree with it. As far as I know, polecat and me are poles apart!

The other day, in the intro to my blog on Judy's challenges (tests of friendship) at facebook, I called myself the proverbial tortoise. Later on, recalling it I realised how true it actually was.

Like the tortoise, I'm usually slow and cautious in my approach and carry my nutshell on my back. I little something disturbs me, I snap shut myself into it and make it seem as if I'm not there at all.

And if I'm provoked too far, I can be cruel and my retort hurt like the tortoise's bite.

My family and friends often I talk ancient wisdom (though they don't always appreciate it).

And like the proverbial tortoise, I persevere long and hard. If I have made up my mind or if I think it is important to be done, I go head long into it. I must either succeed or lose even the last ray of hope, but see it to the end I must.

So, what animal am I?
I am the Tortoise.


  1. Hmmm...interesting as I too think I am at times as well, the tortoise that is! ;) <3

  2. I forgot to mention Asma that the tortoise got the prize in the end! ;(