Monday, December 28, 2015

The Silver Lining of My Dark Cloud


“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.” As it was a prompt from BlogAdda which made me see the silver lining of my dark cloud that was 2015.

The prompt was to share our personal tales of 2015 and end it on a positive note so we could  start 2016, and inspire others also to, with a bright and right attitude.

I've never felt this low towards the end of the Georgian calendar since the Tsunami of 2004 which hit major part of South Asia.

Like all the other years even this year was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, perceptions and prospects, but I suppose the lows hit me a bit more sharply this year and their impending fear plus resulting hurt overrode a large part of the joy the highs gave.

Maybe it was because I've waited long (years) for few things to happen, and now I've lost hope for some of the precious ones, and lost all desire in few of the others. This year even brought to light the fact that what precious little I have in my life, that make my world, are brittle like a dream and my deepest fears are not that improbable too.

I don't want to dwell on their chances or impact as I'm not ready to face any of them yet, and BlogAdda too wished us to look at the brighter side of our year that departs. And for this prompt I'll ever be grateful to this forum because it made me see how bright and beautiful my silver lining actually is.

The biggest gifts of my life have always been my friends. I've met such wonderful people from so many walks of life from the world over in my life, and so many of them have become such dear friends to me that I cannot imagine my life without them. I even began this year with a series of guest posts featuring some of my best friends I made last year- Elly Stornebrink, Judy Yaron, Cindy Ackley, Huma Masood, and Sophie Bowns (though I very regretfully couldn't post the latter two awesome people's due to a major technical cliche).

This year blessed me with the friendship of few more such wonderful personas:
Anna Geller, is an amazing spiritual healer, motivationalist, entrepreneur, and a young lady with a pure and loving heart.

Emilia Previdi, who is an awesome fanfiction author, a hardworking woman and a dedicated wife and mother. Her wisdom and love are a true treasure.

Jeanneclaire Probst, is a celebrated author and beautiful poet, and a person who is so full of love and encouragement that every gesture from her are like antidotes against gloom and negativity.

Ophelia Elise West, is a person who is a natural silver lining seeker. She sees only the good and bright things of every situation, and spreads warmth and cheer around her like sunshine. She is a member of OneWish foundation, daughter of Jeanneclaire Probst, and the definition of inspiration.

Also this year I learnt to improve my writing and tailoring skills, became part of an amazing Facebook forum for she-preneurs Granny's Girls- GYM, learnt few new cuisines and touched new depths of my faith.

So, What Do I Take From 2015? What Did I Learn?

I take with me a renewed sense of self sufficiency that keeps me going despite all odds. I take with me the realization that The Almighty never abandons those who truly believe in him, and the assurance that no matter how low I feel, or lost I become I have friends who are only a click away and always there to embrace me in their warmth of love, wisdom and friendship.

I learnt that it is foolery to invest too much hope in life and dreams. Both are brittle in nature and hurt when their crash. Go with the tide and salvage what you can.

Pragmatism, Wisdom and Confidence are true treasures. Never rely completely on your mind nor your heart. Both are fickle implements and tend to behave with partiality. It's these three treasures that will help you gladiate through life.

Looking at the silver lining helps to clear the cobwebs in your mind and see things in a brighter and lighter light.

Happy 2016 to all!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Fields of Gold Invites You

If I had been asked to write about my favourite Indian city a few years ago I would have, with my naive enthusiasm, gone on a rampage about Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi, Lucknow, or even Kolkata. All of which cities are impressive and unmatched in their splendour.

But now, my heart refuses to dwell on any of this havens when my own Little England spreads before me silent in its appeal, elegant in its appearance, and resplendent in its aura. It has all the makings of a city and I would be doing it a great dishonour if I would neglect it to glorify any other city.

Kolar Gold Fields nicknamed Little England by the Britishers them selves, like a small emerald embedded in the shadows of dazzling pearls in a solitaire, is a nearly 200 year old mining town that has all the points in the check list to call it a city ticked except for its population and greater luxuries.

It has expanded ever since to the minimum requirement of a city's diameter, has its own municipal corporation, is well equipped to meet its needs with infrastructure and technology, and is well connected to the best of all the three states that cradle it.

But alas! Like Pluto in our Solar System, my hometown is doomed to oblivion by the glitter and greatness of its surrounding cities, and declined of its city status courtesy the woes bereaving it and its dim and dark  appearance.

A small land hidden nudged amidst a cluster of enticing mountains, intersecting state borders and beautiful cities. From picturesque scenery to the latest in fashion and trends, you ask it and KGF has it.

What DRIVES this city, is its people. Lovely people with simple living and high thinking. You will find us most acceptable to changes, and adjustments.

Early morning everyday even before dawn you will find youths and adults daring the morning mist and darkness to catch their train to Bangalore and other cities to reach their workplace. World class engineers, doctors, teachers, dancers, musicians, actors, authors, artists, sportspersons, businessmen and talented craftsmen have emerged from this city and are now thriving in their field of work across the globe.

The education, healthcare and fulfillment of social obligations are top class too. And, that's not all. Such exquisite flora and fauna reside in its jungles, and not to mention the variety of migratory birds that visit through different seasons of the year. A large plethora of tourists flock here only for its wealth of natural beauty and the remnants of the second largest gold mining of Asia.

Whenever there is any problem in infrastructure or otherwise you will find us working toward its solution, but also adjusting to the situation admirably and without much fuss or ado about it.

And we are so welcoming of the changing trends, that you will find us in toe with any other city any given day, but never on the excess side. Suffice it to say, we have found the balance between modern outlook and traditional attires, and carry it with grace.

If we speak of its DESIGN, I have rarely seen a more beautifully planned or well designed city than KGF. Its railway lines is one of the oldest in India engineered by the great genius Sir M. Vishweshvaraiya on the behest of the Britishers who started the formal and large scale gold mining here.

Converting this dense jungle into a habitable township, it is clear even today that a lot of planning and execution by the Britishers went in to making this township.
It's trace still remains giving this city a historical touch.

You only have to step out into the bus station, and you will find everything you need in The Square from jewellery and house decors to hospitals and police station. The railway too is merely a mile away from the main town, and the roads are smooth and straight throughout.

Residential areas and commercial avenues are separated by the main road and the town takes on more modern outlook with every progressing year.

As to its CONNECT, you will have no scruples whatever. From high speed internet to far spread commercial trade, KGF lacks in nothing. Just 100kms away from Bangalore and half the distance from Gudiyattam, and Kuppam, luxuries and benefits that cannot be found here are practically only at arms length from us.

From sightseeing, educational trips to business excursions, we have access practically to everything. KGF is also the main commercial hub of the district with the nearby towns and villages reaching out to it to meet their needs and amenities.

You can find more about this amazing city from this link: http://www.wikipedia.co.in/kolar-gold-fields/

To read my earlier post about KGF follow the link below: Little England in India

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