Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friends unforgettable

English literature abounds with instances of friendship that have gone beyond the usual peripheral of its definition.

From the very charming Mr. Darcy and his sweet tempered buddy Mr. Bingley, the eccentric pirate Jack Sparrow and his alter-ego comrade Will Turner, to the extraordinary Sherlock Holmes and his very reliable and dedicated partner Dr. Watson; all have become the essence of their stories and made a unique place in the hearts of their readers.

In this blog and few others to follow i revisit such lovely tales and present my take on them.

My take 01: Julius Caesar and his best friend Brutus.

"Et tu, Brute! Then fall Caesar." These last words of the great emperor who had once proudly declared 'I will die but once', speaks volumes of his friendship with Brutus. The treachery of his friend felt more fatal to the noble king than the wounds inflicted on him. Such was their trust and affection to each other.

Now, Brutus was a honourable man too! And an equally wonderful friend. Misled by Caesar's foes, he did what they told was best for his nation. A folly he regretted to his own death.

But this is one story of friendship and trust that generations will recall.

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  1. What an awesome take and topic! In this post, Asiya, you raise the question of priorities - which comes first - friendship or your beliefs/values, in this case Brutus' loyalty to his Nation or to his friend. I don't think there is one answer. Many would claim: Family/Friendship first at all costs. I think I would support: Be true to yourself. Thanks, Asiya for such inspiration - so early in the morning! HUGS <3