Friday, July 25, 2014

The elemental nature

The chief of Red Indians wrote in his letter to Gen. Washington that all creatures are connected to one another and share one soul, adopting different forms. In other words, we are all one with nature, and nature is one with us. Some mystics believe so too.

I partially believe so, because I have felt the special bond with more than one element of nature. More so, with the beautiful and flawless spread of sky above.

The sheath of endless blue, and its serene blackness of the night! The soft lofty clouds, and the sun playing hide-n-seek across it. The graceful birds that complete it, and the stars that fill its void. The way it comes alive with various hues throughout the day, and the mystery it veils from us.

And of them all, the soft, serene, silent yet whispering ethereal moon. I connect to it like it was my soul-mate. It is always so lonely, yet complete in itself; it lifts me up when i feel low. The fact that it is always out there somewhere, even if we cannot see it with our naked eyes, it is surely there- like a dedicated loyal friend. Its royal elegance, its dedicated bond to earth and its simplicity. Its a real comfort.

And of late, the fresh break of dawn. The way everything comes alive, light prevails over darkness and the positive charm and possibilities it beholds.

I am a sky person, and I am one with nature through this.

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