Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Did you know...

~ that a bee has eight stomachs, and the honey it makes can cure nearly 1000 ailments!

~ that one green chilly has the equivalence of vitamin C of two oranges!

~ that dark chocolates are actually good for heart health!

~ that polishing of grains and pulses make them lose their essential vitamins!

~ that the smell that comes when we hold old coins, is actually our skin's reaction to the rust!

~ that staring long hours at the computer, TV or mobile screen can lead to dry eyes!

~ that continuous vibration for one hour between two ringing mobile phones can completely cook an egg!

~ that by eating hard seeds of fruit like those of mangoes and oranges cattles suffer from stomach pain!

~ that a mosquito has a hundred eyes, each as powerful  as the most complex microscopes!

~ that cockroaches are the filthiest creatures on earth and can survive in even the extreme conditions of the poles!

~ that the song of cuckoo in summer is actually its cry of pain due to sore throat it suffers in mango season!

Courtesy: various articles published in journals and magazines across the globe.


  1. That means you are gifting me dark chocolates, right? ;-)

    1. Oh i do hope u have a healthy heart! But yes, the first dark chocolate u come across next time is my gift to u. Don't forget to buy it! ;)