Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Month of many firsts

This July has really been eventful to me. There have been so many good things happening to me for the first time ever, I can only be only all the more grateful and happy about them.

Firstly, There was this awesome blog challenge I embarked on (by chance), and I'm so glad I was able to meet it.
Then, they are all the lovely friends I made through UBC's forum. My first international group!
My short story won the second prize in an online forum. It will be my first to be published as part of an e- book.
My first haiku! Oh, how much I love them. I wanted to write one on this blog, but couldn't clear my mind enough.

After coming so far in this challenge, it almost seemed I would fail at the last step. What with all the guests teeming at home, and not a moment to spare.

I had to squeeze time to type both the blogs I post today, at nearly 3 a.m via my Android (and fell asleep over it!). I completed this blog in the morning and now posting it to complete my challenge. Thus, being the proverbial rortoise once again.

My destiny beckons me

This is a poem, a free verse actually, I wrote a few years ago, but I don't know why I never posted it anywhere. May be, destiny had planned it to be published as this blog at the end of this UBC challenge!

So here it is.

My Destiny Beckons Me

My destiny beckons me,
But worldly chains keep me bound;
There's still hope in the fading light,
But it is far away at the horizon.

Man proposes God disposes they say,
But it's God's proposal I'm out to seek;
Life surely isn't an easy game,
But it's that way its supposed to be.

Fun, frolic, grandeur and ease,
They are good, but never desired I;
Pain, betrayal, adversity and defeat,
Like clouds they come in many form.

I have no qualms with life,
It's been the best in its ups and down;
I only want to give my dreams a chance,
For the time to do is now or never.

My destiny beckons me,
But worldly chains keep me bound;
There's still hope in the fading light,
But it's far away at the horizon.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The suicidal saucer

I am crazy about crystalwares and earthenwares. From china ware, porcelains to potteries, I just can't resist their sight or bringing the best of them home. Its the beauty of one, and the elegance of the other that makes them so dear to me.

There is this one cup-saucer set we have now, made in France, which is my special favourite. It is such a pretty piece; off-white with an elegant little pink posy right in its middle. If you hold it up to light, you can see light almost stream through it.

We use it only on special occassions and by some mischance or another one particular saucer from the set always fell. I kept a notice of it, since it first fell, so I can tell. But what amazed us initially was the way it survived without a single crack everytime.

Then I learnt it was made of toughened glass, but it didn't make us any more careless towards it. Yet, it was found a way out from the cabinet and as if it was determined or cursed to dive towards the ground everytime, it never missed a chance.

It at last, fell to its death a few days ago just as I left it on the rack to dry. It shattered to so many pieces, it really seemed an irony to its various escapes. Being of toughened glass, it did not shatter into jagged shards, but rather broke into tiny pearly beads of porcelain.

Yet, it was still so beautiful even in its tragic remains that even as I disposed it, I had to fight the urge to collect them all and store away from the world.

The joys of Ramadhan and it's Eid

With the blessed, soulful and precious month of Ramadhan ready to bid us adieu, and all of us ready to move on to life as usual with a cleaner heart, calmer mind, clearer conscience and a cured soul; there is a twitch in the heart like each year over missing the charm, grace and bliss this month possesses. The joy, solace and magic this month beholds is just beyond words to express.

It bringeth joy in its coming,
And giveth joy even in its retreat.

I miss those carefree days of childhood, when I used to scamper to our roof-top through hedges and gate-grills just to sight the appearance of the Eid's crescent. There would be no need for it. They would announce it anyway in all the mosques of the town, and it would also be known via news media, but the joy of being the first to sight and herald the pencil-thin streak of silver over twilight hinged backdrop is beyond comparison.

Though I cannot indulge in this annual ritual now, the joy prevails. But the true joy of Eid resides in sharing. Allah commands all those with convenience and who have fasted in Ramadhan to give a certain sum of money to our needy brethen in the last days of this month, so that even they can partake in the celebration of Eid, and not to dishearten any soul (any given day) esp. today.

There is also a ritual of Eidi in this occassion, according to which all the elders distribute little tokens of gift usually money to all the children of the household and neighbourhood. The kids are free to use the gifts as they like (but the elders do try to ensure they don't squander off the money). It's a joy to see the kids restless to claim their Eidi, rejoice in getting it and eager to spend it on their wish-list.

When we were younger my sister and I used pool in both our collection, and then buy something really valuable and useful stuff from it. We have bought a board of carrom, A series of Children's knowedge bank, a wonderful set of recipe book, and few more such stuffs over the years. It remains as our joint possession to this day and we still adore them all.

Eid ul Fitr is truly a harbinger of many joys, and I wish from the depths of my heart that it is celebrated with peace, harmony and joy across the globe, and all find joy in its wake.

Wishing you all a very happy, very blessed and very memorable Eid-ul-Fitr.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My most precious

A love haiku that my heart whispered to me.

I dedicate this to my parents, my sister and my nephew...

you are my island,
my life's shore, my horizon;
you make me complete

I, tortoise

There is this fun online quiz I once took as to what animal am I. It might sound weird or silly, but the purpose of the quiz was to emphasise the basic traits of the animal in our attitude from the answers we pick, thus metaphorically making us the animal.

I got "polecat" as my result, though I hardly agree with it. As far as I know, polecat and me are poles apart!

The other day, in the intro to my blog on Judy's challenges (tests of friendship) at facebook, I called myself the proverbial tortoise. Later on, recalling it I realised how true it actually was.

Like the tortoise, I'm usually slow and cautious in my approach and carry my nutshell on my back. I little something disturbs me, I snap shut myself into it and make it seem as if I'm not there at all.

And if I'm provoked too far, I can be cruel and my retort hurt like the tortoise's bite.

My family and friends often I talk ancient wisdom (though they don't always appreciate it).

And like the proverbial tortoise, I persevere long and hard. If I have made up my mind or if I think it is important to be done, I go head long into it. I must either succeed or lose even the last ray of hope, but see it to the end I must.

So, what animal am I?
I am the Tortoise.

More beautiful than the end

I embarked on this daily blog challenge by chance. I had joined UBC few months ago as a desperate effort to revive my blogging spirit. I used to blog so often n spontaneously when I first began it nearly six years ago.

I had my account at rediff back then, and the site was called rediffiland. You can still find my blogs there via this link-

It was a beautiful site with wonderful outlook about it-very social, friendly n happy-go-lucky kind. Then, I don't know what went into the heads of rediff's creative department, or what madness possessed it, it decided to revamp it, closed it all down, and re-opened it as rediffblogs with an almost lifeless, fussy and all-business appearance. It killed the fun of blogging and dampened the spirits of we fellow bloggers. We gradually scattered and migrated to other sites.

I came to google's blogger. But blogging didn't feel the same again. I blame myself for it. I must have not taken things in the right stride.

Then again magic happened! A chance reading of Judy Yaron's blog and commenting on it changed the whole equation. She noticed me and my absence in the challenge, and prompted me to join it. I really can't tell you how thankful I am, Judy.

The first few blogs were spontaneous, then inspirations, anecdotes, imagination and encouragement took over and I all seems right again.

I met such wonderful friends here like Judy Yaron, Cindy Ackley, Elly Stornebrink, Sophie Bowns, Huma Masood and all; and learnt so much from you all. I really love you all dearly.

This 31 days journey has become more important and beautiful than it's destination, and I admit like all beautiful things I am a tad disheartened that it will end soon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Caught in a thunderstorm

I had been on a quick last minute shopping with my sister last summer. It was late afternoon and was growing darker by the minute from the gathering clouds, but we both believed the rain would put off until dusk; and who minds getting a little drenched?

We were at the marketplace, when suddenly people around us gasped at the sky and scurried into hiding like fishes do at the sight of a shark. We both were amazed at the almost uniform reaction, and before we could realise or think further, the clouds fell on us with all their force.

We were dumb-struck for a second at the suddenness and force of it. The rain lashed at us, pelting heavy drops with such ferocity as if angry that we had not noticed it coming and not got out of its way.

We both ran to the nearest shelter we could find, but being in such a sudden storm almost in the open is completely a different thing. You never feel out of its way. In front of us, the rain continued to fall with a vengeance, the sky stared on, all swollen and sore with thick lofts of cloud, and the random frequent blazes of lightning accompanied by thunderbolts were a phenomenon in themselves.

Now, there is a myth prevalent here that lightnings are particularly attracted towards first-borns, newly-weds and beautiful dames. I don't know the theory behind it, but our dear mother had warned us so before we left home and pleaded we come back before it rains. So, for a while I kept teasing my sister as what do I do if any lightning notices her, as she was all the three combined! I did not want her to die on me and requested her to hide behind me for the sake of atleast her newborn son. She chided me along playfully but soon we both fell silent before the might of the lightnings before us, and the awe their commanded.

They were almost like over our head, and the power their possess is beyond words to explain. It makes us feel how vulnerable we humans are, and how precious the life within us is. Our heart leaps at their sight and we are thankful for every second of life spared to us!

We returned home nearly half an hour later when the rain receded, unscathed much to our mother's relief, but more humbled towards life and all the more grateful to the Almighty.

The elemental nature

The chief of Red Indians wrote in his letter to Gen. Washington that all creatures are connected to one another and share one soul, adopting different forms. In other words, we are all one with nature, and nature is one with us. Some mystics believe so too.

I partially believe so, because I have felt the special bond with more than one element of nature. More so, with the beautiful and flawless spread of sky above.

The sheath of endless blue, and its serene blackness of the night! The soft lofty clouds, and the sun playing hide-n-seek across it. The graceful birds that complete it, and the stars that fill its void. The way it comes alive with various hues throughout the day, and the mystery it veils from us.

And of them all, the soft, serene, silent yet whispering ethereal moon. I connect to it like it was my soul-mate. It is always so lonely, yet complete in itself; it lifts me up when i feel low. The fact that it is always out there somewhere, even if we cannot see it with our naked eyes, it is surely there- like a dedicated loyal friend. Its royal elegance, its dedicated bond to earth and its simplicity. Its a real comfort.

And of late, the fresh break of dawn. The way everything comes alive, light prevails over darkness and the positive charm and possibilities it beholds.

I am a sky person, and I am one with nature through this.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

our pet came home!

I and my sister always desired to own a pet, though I wonder if there would be one adoptable animal my family wouldn't have apprehensions about.

I and my sister are wary of dogs, my mother jumps up the chair at the sight of cats, my father will not hear of any rodents (even if they are cute little squirrels), plus bless me! I am so full of all emotional weaknesses towards all creatures born to fly and roam free. How can we cage the birds and rabbits and parrots, when they world is the wilderness?

Then one sunny morning our pet found its own way home. My mother had just opened the valve to let the water supplied by municipal corporation into our underground tank, when with the water out popped a wee little fishy.

My sister had been beside my mother then and was the first to notice. She immediately brought our attention and fetched a pail to draw it out. We still wonder how that tiny thing happened to survive all the process of filteration, bleaching and machinery to reach us. But it was a wee little baby. Just a day or so old maybe.

We sisters were so excited, we had found our pet. We immediately adopted it, transferred it to a glass tumbler, and placed it on the window sill. We called it Stuart Little as it was so little and as white as its anime namesake.

We made tiny balls of wheat and borrowed cooked grains of rice from the kitchen to feed it, and talked long hours to it, because we had heard fishes and plants grow well if we interact with them.

As weeks passed by we saw it grow bigger in centimeters, and got a couple of gold fish to give it company, so it may not feel lonely. Soon, we bought a glass aquarium, lined it with pebbles, artificial weeds and plants, and completed it a mermaid-in-a-oystershell aerator.
We got few more fishes of all kinds to make a big happy fish family. We learnt to even clean the aquarium. Whenever we found any two fishes fighting, we would take one of them away and place dunce in a jar next to the aquarium for few hours.

One of my school friend even lent me a book on caring for fishes, but it was an elaborate book and we could only muster patience to flip through it.

But it was through this book that we learnt not all fishes socialise and some species are even blood enemies. Alas! It was too late. The war had already gotten bloody.

Before we could decide whom to keep together and whom apart and how, many bigger fishes had lunched on smaller ones, and our Stuart Little too was gone.

But the needful was anyway done, but the magic was lost. The others died their timely death, and we never felt like bringing home another fish or pet home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Did you know...

~ that a bee has eight stomachs, and the honey it makes can cure nearly 1000 ailments!

~ that one green chilly has the equivalence of vitamin C of two oranges!

~ that dark chocolates are actually good for heart health!

~ that polishing of grains and pulses make them lose their essential vitamins!

~ that the smell that comes when we hold old coins, is actually our skin's reaction to the rust!

~ that staring long hours at the computer, TV or mobile screen can lead to dry eyes!

~ that continuous vibration for one hour between two ringing mobile phones can completely cook an egg!

~ that by eating hard seeds of fruit like those of mangoes and oranges cattles suffer from stomach pain!

~ that a mosquito has a hundred eyes, each as powerful  as the most complex microscopes!

~ that cockroaches are the filthiest creatures on earth and can survive in even the extreme conditions of the poles!

~ that the song of cuckoo in summer is actually its cry of pain due to sore throat it suffers in mango season!

Courtesy: various articles published in journals and magazines across the globe.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wandering clouds

I vaguely remember my primary school initiating a school magazine when i was in my 5th or 6th standard. Vaguely because it never took flight.

This is the poem I composed back then to contribute to its first issue.

Wandering Clouds

Clouds, great clouds,
They wander up above;
Come in all forms,
In all shapes,
Bring rain for plants to grow.

Butterfly dreams

A haiku my heart dictated:

On butterfly wings
I dreamt to see the world; alas!
They fell that night

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Of Dickens' and of Doyle

To frame these two pairs in a quote, I recollect these words I read somewhere, but I don't recollect whose they are. It goes like this,
"Do not walk before me, I may not follow you. Do not walk behind me, I may not lead you. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

These two pair live this essence up so well, they make life seem such a joyful experience.

Dear boy Pip and his comrade's story is one of the most lightly handled in english fiction, but it goes so deep! It reflects all colours of friendship and shines like a radiant gem. They are just two simple friends always by each other.

No big promises, no grave issues, no hard efforts, no exceptional acts, and no heart-rendering sacrifices. Just together forever.

Be it in Pip's prosperity or his doom, during Herbert's struggle or on his success, even after their love interests oppose the other's influence on them, they never said adieu, never even turned their face away from each other. This is the beauty of their relationship. Together they withstood the test of time.

In fact, for me their life story seems a long happy song which goes something like this:
"In happiness and in pain,
In loss and in gain,
Together we have been,
And we shall always remain the same."

Dr. Watson and det. Holmes:
As celebratory their titles are, so valliant is their feats and even more glorious is their cameraderie. These two live the above quote to the T. They have fought, they have reconciled, they have had their differences and they have sort it out.
I couldn't comprehend any draconian tests in the lives of these friends, except that of having extreme faith in each other at the most trying moments, and always looking out for each other.

All in all, these two pairs of Dickens and Doyle resonate the simple yet strong message that we need not go to great lengths to prove our worth. Just being friends and true to it is the essence of real friendship.

... a friend indeed!

Winnie The Pooh, once said to his friend Tigger,
"If you live to be a hundred, I would wish to live a hundred minus one day so I won't have to live without you."

The stories I look into here, reflect similar sentiments and devotion, but in completely contrasting circumstances. Both the stories were written to touch our hearts and both succeed effortlessly.

Sam and Frodo:
Sam often said, "He (Gandalf) told me, Don't you lose him Samwise Gamgee!... and I don' t intend to Mr. Frodo." But this shows Sam's devotion to his friend, rather than an awe for Gandalf. He follows Frodo with adamine dedication, even nearly drowning himself to persuade the other to take him along when Frodo decides to renegade the Fellowship.
Sam passes the test of endurance and fellowship with valour, always being Frodo's strength, support and salvaging factor. But Frodo is not spared too, with his trust and faith in Sam tested mercilessly. He nearly succumbs almost chasing away Sam... but everything is restored before it's too late and their friendship survives and shines in the end to tell a tale of bravery and togetherness.

By the by, If you were to ask me, Sam is one friend, i would die for.

Aamir and Hassan,
Must prove their loyalty and friendship in a completely world beseeched with equally daunting evilry.
Irony of their story is Hassan is always there for Aamir, even when Aamir isn't there, or even if he doesn't need him. On the other hand, Aamir is never there for Hassan, even if Hassan is right there and even when he needs him the most.

Hassan undisputably passes his test, but it is Aamir's long at last return that salvages their friendship, it's glory and it's essence. Else, Hassan would have been disgraced to be a fool, than a friend... and Aamir would have proved himself to be worser than a foe.

Tried, tested and ok?

When i started planning this blog, the first thought which came to my mind was Byron's words about his friend John Hobhouse, while dedicating the fourth canto of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage to the latter.

"... A friend often tried and tested, Android  never found wanting."

This simple dedication speaks volumes of their friendship, and reflects the essence of this relationship most splendidly.

Here I shall revisit the fabulous tales of comradeship, and see how they fare in the face of adversities that tested their worth:

Peter Parker and Harry Osbourne have already been analysed in this light and so I won't fiddle with them again here. Their friemfdhip passes with distinction, and spiderman is one lucky guy to have such lovely people around. None the less, Peter and Harry are one of the most awe-inspiring pair of friends in fiction.

Brutus and Caesar:
It is very complicated to just classify this pair as victors or not in the test of time. Yes, Brutus failed Caesar. But he didnt do it for personal gain or revenge. He loved his friend, but loved his country more, and went truth was revealed repented the most.

His failing was in not trusting his friend enough, not testing his friend before reaching a verdict, and not even giving his friend a chance to mend or explain. Caesar trusted him even on to his death.

This friend fails the test but they friendship still retains its essence in its history, and there's still glory in both loving each other to the end.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The joy of small things

Where has the joy disappeared,
Over the first drops of rain?
Where is it lost,
Even on seeing the sun shine once again?

Is it also gone,
From seeing a bud unfold and grow?
From sitting around a fire
To exchange tales and lore?

Will we never be happy now,
Over little notes and gifts of love?
Maybe just a wee trinklet,
A book or a dove!

Let's just suffice it to say,
We are above all these trifles now;
We don't know of their beauty,
Or even exactly as to they feel how!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The world is our home?

I often wonder how different we humans are, in comparison to other creatures on earth. Physically, the nearest relative species we can find are the apes. Psychologically, we surpass every other known creature by leaps and bounds. Socially, we are a world apart.

Recently, one of my co-author posted a scientific report suggesting that aliens may be present amidst us disguising as one like us, and are probably studying our planet to rule, or even destroy us.

I was so amazed by this report that i got into a discussion with her on it, and i recalled another such report which suggested that human life may have originated in outer space and reached earth via a meteorite crash. I asked, "If this later report is to be believed, why can't it be that we are the aliens the former report is suggesting?

Though, it took a lighter note from there, all concurred that we may be the actual aliens and to our own credit, we came in peace!

I, now wonder, if by chance it is true and we are the aliens (and why not! We are different as i pointed out earlier, and we are super-interested in outer space and life on other planets unlike other creatures!)
So, if it is so, which is our home planet?
Where is it?
Is it still out there? Or destroyed like Spock's?

But questions of higher importance and impact are,
As inhabitants it is our duty to protect and nourish it, but is it right now to pollute, destroy and flounder it?
How acceptable is it now to treat the other creatures (probable native or real inhabitants of earth) which such cruelty and recklessness?
How justified is it now to fight, kill and crush each other for pieces of land and earthly possessions, which isn't even ours to say?

And, even if the otherwise is the actual truth, are not my questions still relevant? And at the least, worth a serious thought?

An ode to friends

There are so many instances of amazing friends in the world of english literary fiction, i can spend a lifetime writing about them. But as too much of a good thing is not good too, I rest my series here (atleast for now).

But before I move on to analyse these friends in a different light, here is my tribute to all my friends, old and new, of my childhood, adolescence and youth, from rediffblogs, facebook and Ultimate Blog Challenge...my co-authors, my sister and my nephew :) i take the liberty to include my parents too.

A haiku, which refers to all of you:

what birds mean to sky,
and the seasons to the sun,
you mean to my life

Friend of a super-hero

If we are to include comic strips into proper literary fiction, they would open a whole new vista of amazing friends. But one friend who stands apart from the rest is
Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osbourne.

Peter and Harry have been friends even before Peter became Spider-man, and in a way their friendship has withstood the test of time.

I might even say, Peter failed many a times as a friend, stealing Harry's love-interest and even killing his father (though he never did any of it intentionally), but I have always found Harry true and precious. He always looked out for him and took everything in their friendships' stride.

He did revolt to avenge his father's death but it was only natural. Didn't Peter himself writhe in the same fire for the murderer of his uncle?

But what passes Harry as a true friend is that he didn't nurture ill-will for Peter, and when he needed him he did not fail him.

He is one friend every super-hero or otherwise would love to have.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Friends forever

To be speaking of friends and not reminisce Charles Dickens Pip and Herbert is just not possible.

Great Expectations is a tribute to relationships and a satire on human failings. But through out one relationship that shines, passes through the test of time with flying colours and becomes the heart of the story is the friendship between Pip and his room mate Herbert Pocket.

The very manner in which the latter endears the former as 'my dear Handel' wins our heart and makes him the most desirable friend in english fiction.

This pair doesn't do great feats or go to great lengths to prove their fealty, but it is in the humble and simple manner in which they stick to each other through thick and thin, and look out for each other, which mak this pair so special and commendable.

Goes on to prove we don't have to be a super hero to be a good friend.

A story of dedication and disappointment

The debut novel of Khaled Hosseini took us through the lives and times of two friends,

Aamir and Hassan.

The kite runner is a novel for the speaking heart. It reveals the glory and plight of Afghanistan through the lives of these two childhood friend. On one hand, where the rich and sensitive but self absorbed Aamir treated his friendship with Hassan as a plaything and to his convenience (sadly it is how so many today their friendships too!), On the other hand, the sweet, brave and poor Hassan reciprocated with utmost honesty and unimaginable dedication. So much that it haunted Aamir even thousand miles apart across the globe, and to the extend that Hassan remains true to it till the end, even forgiving Aamir unasked.
I have often wondered if there can be friends like Hassan in today's world. I don't know! But it is his version of friendship and Aamir at long last redemption which makes their friendship one of the best in fiction.

Fabulous and fearless duo

Continuing with my blogs on some of the best fiction friends, here's my take on the remarkable pair of detectives created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:


These need no introduction and I doubt if there would be a reader who wouldn't like them. They are charming, witty, clever, courageous and classic!

Though they always seemed to maintain the professional audacity, there was a touch of comradeship and the warm undertone of informality, which spoke volumes about their friendship. They compliment and complete each other so well, they have themselves writhed over each others absence and pain,; and also gone through the whole world for each other.

This blog to the very charming, lively and another unforgettable pair of fiction friends.

My friendly neighbours

A fictionalised representation of how people would probably react to friendly gestures in today's society over mundane reasons:

I found my neighbours in their garden on my way back home one evening. This is how they reacted to my greeting...

I smiled at my neighbour,
She turned her back to me!
She wished to keep an old grudge instead.

I smiled at her dog,
He barked at me!
Afterall, he only did his master's bid.

I smiled at her son,
He winked at me!
I realised it was a mistake I made.

I smiled at his sister,
She closed her windows shut!
Her mother must be near somewhere.

I smiled at her child,
She smiled back to me!
Surely, only children know the beauty of life.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friends unforgettable

English literature abounds with instances of friendship that have gone beyond the usual peripheral of its definition.

From the very charming Mr. Darcy and his sweet tempered buddy Mr. Bingley, the eccentric pirate Jack Sparrow and his alter-ego comrade Will Turner, to the extraordinary Sherlock Holmes and his very reliable and dedicated partner Dr. Watson; all have become the essence of their stories and made a unique place in the hearts of their readers.

In this blog and few others to follow i revisit such lovely tales and present my take on them.

My take 01: Julius Caesar and his best friend Brutus.

"Et tu, Brute! Then fall Caesar." These last words of the great emperor who had once proudly declared 'I will die but once', speaks volumes of his friendship with Brutus. The treachery of his friend felt more fatal to the noble king than the wounds inflicted on him. Such was their trust and affection to each other.

Now, Brutus was a honourable man too! And an equally wonderful friend. Misled by Caesar's foes, he did what they told was best for his nation. A folly he regretted to his own death.

But this is one story of friendship and trust that generations will recall.

An odyssey of friendship

My take 02: Frodo and Sam.

Lord of the rings series by Sir J.J.R Toelkin is a master-epic and every character in it are larger than life, and in this records of heroism comes a humble tale of two hobbits- Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee.

Bond by fate, co-incidences, faith, trust, love, promises and hardship, both these friends sketch a beautiful portrait of comradeship, faith and determination, which takes the definition of friendship to greater heights. I love these duo for the fact that they go through hell, yet in the end they remain as angelic as ever, but it's the way Sam remains by Frodo's side throughout that truly wins our heart.

He never once hesitated to stand by Frodo even at the face of death, and never once retraced his path come what may. It was his liveliness and positivity that helps Frodo emerge through the adversity and if anything, Sam is the heart of their story if Frodo is the life.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tear drops of the rain

Here is another haiku from me. I've fallen in love with these marvels. They are so vivid, concise and creative form of poetry, they are a breathe of fresh air for my mind used to thinking long and hard!

I can't thank my friends enough for bringing me here :)

Here it is, my second haiku in english:

lightning lashed the clouds,
they moaned but refused to cry;
the crops had just stood!

The predicaments of being a left-handed

To be a left-handed in a soceity plagued with all kinds of myths, prejudices and self conceived notions is an alienating, amusing and annoying experience all the same.

I remember my family stressing on the necessity that I hold my pencil in my right hand and write my assignments, when I was very little, and I used to struggle through it while they saw, not even able to hold my pencil properly. I used to wait for them to look away or something to call their attention, and I would quickly shift the stub to my left hand, scribble the alphabets, reshift to my right and wait with a sweet smile for them to commend. (See! I was not that innocent a child too afterall!)

I also remember when I was caught, they almost fret over it as if it was a big crime. Honestly, I have one of the most loving and co-operating family, but the way soceity saw a left handed was their concern.

In my part of the world, it is a sure sign of misfortune. The child is seen as a forbearer of bad luck and some have even hinted it portends to death in family if not corrected early. It's a crazy world, you see!

I grew up almost believing it too be a grave failure in me, and hating those who made my parents worry over it. As if I was a left-handed by choice!

I concrue it is bad etiquettes to eat, drink, give or receive with our left hand, but what can we possibly to write, sketch and perform other tasks that call for manual dexterity?

It was some relief and quite amusing too when classmates, friends and some acquaintances used to ask me as to how I managed so expertly with my left hand? It was no less than magic to them. They would even try to ape me to see if they can do it themselves. I would simply smile and reply it's just like the way they use their right hand. Few have even observed and congratulated me that lefties are very talented people and harbingers of joy.

But my actual comfort came in the form of science when it explained to me that I was hard-wired that way. That infact, my right part of the brain is the boss which makes my left side of the body perform most of the tasks! And to know that nearly 10% of the world population and many famous personalities like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Napolean, Lincoln and even Helen Keller were left-handed was my liberating factor.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

By the sea-side

This is my first haiku attempted, thanks to the inspiration and belief of one of my co-author and friend,Amrit Sinha.

Thank you, Amrit :)

Hope it meets the standards and his expectations.

Never-the-less, this is indeed one of the most challenging, beautiful and creative form of poetry ever.

So, here it is:

"what can be deeper?"
i mused over the ocean spread,
"life"my heart replied

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Noblest of them all!

Once when i was little, my sister was so touched by the dedicated attention of doctors to my father when he was undergoing some treatment, I recall her observing that surely a doctor's is the most noblest profession.

I agree, to heal, save and care for a life is a really honourable and noble way of life, but to confer it the title of being "the noblest" seems a bit overdone to me.

I mean there are so many professions without which humanity and life on earth would suffer and struggle! There's nobility is every deed and honour in every profession (that are not vice).

And the comradeship and acceptance i found here, in the blogging community and amidst the co-authors of my anthology is really so amazing and humbling.

All of you help and support with such altruism, connect with such honesty and goodwill, and care with such concern, you really belittle the agonies, disappointments and heartbreakers in life. You hold us up and never allow us to give up.

You all rock and this blog is dedicated to all you precious friends i found in this wonderful world of writing and blogging.

Genuinity at its best

I was on my terrace the other day around early evening on a quick errand, and being a born sky gazer my eyes instinctively lifted to d beautiful blanket of soft blue sky decked with fluffy, clouds lazing around.

There tucked beside a chunk of white wisp of cloud, unmistakably, was the ethereal half moon. Just like that this simple sight inspired this thought in me:

No matter how much we alter, ape or disguise, one can always tell the moon from the clouds.
That's Genuinity.

We don't have to be any different to be seen, or to be noticed. Just being our usual, simple and natural self is enough to make us shine. :)

Be what you are, and be happy always.