Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My top twelve most loved novels.

Very recently, I came across a chain-status update on Facebook asking the person and their tagged along nominee to list their most loved books ever.

It really caught my fancy because books are that one commodity I go head over heals over. I can't imagine my life or the world without them.

So, I thought why not dedicate my initial blogs of this month for this very theme, and as I feel 'books' on the whole is too large a universe to pick ten bright stars, I have narrowed down to the field of novels and as I cannot find my list complete by just ten, I have made it twelve! And because it is my blogspot, I  prefer to add a praise or two for each of my picks.

Here's my first three in the list:
> Great Expectations:
One of the famous works of Charles Dickens it tops my list for the mere uniqueness it radiates. It follows the life story of Pip, from the dull marsh countryside of England to lands across borders, in his pursuit of great fortunes and the love of his life.

For me, it is a genre in itself and it abounds with some of the most memorable of Dickens' characters(and almost every character from this novel). Each of them are so full of life and individuality, and none of them seem out of this world. Be it the eccentric Miss Havisham, mysterious Magwitch or the unassumable Mr. Jaggers. This book is my most favourite travel companion as well.

> Pride and Prejudice:
A classic like the above mentioned novel, it needs no introduction nor do its characters. The second most read and appreciated novel by Jane Austen, it captures the victorian era English countryside, life and urban soceity with finesse sans all the wars and politics that plagued it in reality.

It is a subtle tale of love, siblings-bonding, friendship and relationships and a true gem for me.

> The Alchemist:
A legendary novel in which the theme speaks profounder than the storyline, and perhaps that was the intention of its author Paulo Coelho. His every novel follows a simple storyline and oozes with wisdom, so does this too.

It simply asks us to believe in our dreams and pursue it come what may. The uniqueness of this novel is that it mentions the name of the protoganist just once, and addresses him throughout as 'The boy' which compels the readers to connect with him as one and believe in its relevance.

I can read all the above three a zillion times and find them as new as ever every time. Have you read any of these three? What is your say on them? What are the top ten most loved novels?

Do share and indulge.

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Next in the series: 4-6 of my most loved novels


  1. Believe it or not Asma, I have neither read Great Expectations nor Pride and Prejudice. However, I did read a Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and that was somewhat interesting to me other than attempting to understand some of the languaging. I did however LOVE The Alchemist, my first intro book to Paulo Coelho's other great books! ;) <3

    1. Dear Elly, surely The Alchemist is a wonderful book! And I seriously suggest you to read Pride and Prejudice, and Great Expectations. I have a feeling you will love them both too ;) <3

  2. As a child I saw the film Great Expectations and the opening scene (in the graveyard) has stayed with me ever since. Years ago, I even used it to introduce my 7th graders to the makings of a story. That one scene had all the components, which came together so beautifully.

    A number of years ago, after hearing so much about The Alchemist, I decided to read it. I admit, I was disappointed. Could be that it's a matter of age and where you are in life.

    As always, dear Asiya, your reviews are delightful and enriching.
    HUGS <3

    1. And as always your comments are so encouraging and enlightening, Judy! Thank you :) truly, only few books can boast of such powerful and capturing opening scenes like Great Expectations.