Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4-6 of my twelve most loved novels

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In my last blog I mentioned one of my favourite novel which speaks of following our dreams- The Alchemist. Strangely, the next two novels also deal with the same theme in completely contrasting perspectives.
Don Quixote, and Alice in wonderland.

> Where The Alchemist speaks of dreams in the literary context and hints at the other connotations as in aspirations, Don Quixote stresses on dreams in this very other context. Our hero is so inspired by the various warrior stories he has read of knights in shining armour, that he sets out to meet his own adventures and become a knight himself. Thereafter unfolds a series of hilarious misadventures and heart touching lessons.

In a very well handled and light-hearted way it shows us the thin line which separates commitment from craze, and how one can either become a hero or a fool.

> In Alice in wonderland, on the other hand, Sir Lewis Carroll tells the tale of a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and falls asleep, and goes through many adventures in her dreams.

I grew up with Alice, with my sister bringing her home one evening for me from her school library. It was instant friendship between us, and then we often met every weekend when she visited me as a cartoon series.

> Another book which coloured my childhood was Ruskin Bond's Childrens' omnibus. A collection of myriad tales set in different backgrounds, speaking of different stories. It is full of such diverse characters, creatures and consequences it is a treasure trove in itself. A book whose stories I treasure even in my memories and a book I would love to keep for generations to come.

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  1. Though I haven't read Don Quixote and for some reason wasn't a die-hard fan of Alice in Wonderland for some reason, I sure did LOVE The Alchemist. That was my introduction to one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho. I'll have to read your first posting as I wasn't able to open it up yesterday! ;) <3

    1. Elly, as Alice's is a children's book, one can never say it appeals which child and doesn't appeal to whom :) Have you read Ruskin Bond's children's omnibus? I suggest you do. The stories will appeal for all ages :)

  2. Like @Elly, I also am not an Alice fan. Don't know why. Prefer Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz. We read Don Quixote at school, and I hated it :( Think my teacher ruined it for us!! As for Ruskin Bond - I am unfamiliar, but I am happy there is an Indian writer on your list! (I followed the link ...)
    HUGS <3

    1. I guess your teacher really spoilt Don Quixote for you. Few teachers have that talent, you know! I have had my share of teachers who had happily spoilt Shakespeare, and Holmes for me! Just imagine! :) I really recommend Ruskin Bond to you. He is one author you must read. There are so many life lessons to be learnt from his stories. I esp. suggest his stories- The room on the roof, The eyes are not here, and The dream-seller, to you Judy. :)
      and thanks dear, you have just now given me a new blog idea! :) lots of love and hugs! <3