Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last but not the least

Previous in the series: bound by pain, bonded by love.

9-12 of my twelve most loved novels.

The books I discuss today belong to different genre, and deal with myriad of emotions, aspects and individuals. But each a treat in itself.

The Hungry Tide, The Ultimate Gift, and Teddy.

> The Hungry Tide is a celebrated epic novel by Amitav Ghosh set in the backwater countryside of West Bengal. It travels with two diverse individuals headed for the same destination- Pia and Kanai who befriend each other, dealing with various prevalent and in-depth topics which plague that part of the world, like attacks by man-eating tigers, lives of the fishermen families, and conflicting opinions. Every character in it speak for themselves and every factor has been handled masterfully.

> The Ultimate Gift (also adapted into a movie) is a soft and simple coming-of-age tale narrated by the awe-inspiring author Jim Stovall, in which spoilt and good-for-nothing Jason Stevens, great-grand nephew of Red Stevens, upon the latter's death is forced to accept a year long challenge (according to his Will) in order to inherit a multi-million dollars worth property. He has to fulfill certain conditions set by the not-so-dear-departed for each month under the scrutiny of his lawyer, aimed at teaching him the value of various emotions and relationships like hardwork, love, dreams, friendship etc.

But will Red Stevens succeed in his aim is the real million-dollar question. It's simple approach, flawless storyline and amazing characters are what actually makes this book special for me.

> Teddy is the first of two part novel "Theodore" by the very talented upcoming author Sophie Bowns. E-released last month and presently available only in digital version, it takes us back to the days of kings and castles of victorian era England. What I love about it is it's simple and sincere language, and intense storyline.

It takes us through the life of two totally unconnected people Prince Theodore and a common girl Bonnie, as their go through life, deal similar losses and struggle to find their place in the world. The poetry versions, found in her blogsite, of some of the situations in the novel are beautiful.

I can't wait for the second part and I'm just so glad I know the author rather cordially. My wishes are with her.

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