Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pride comes before a fall

"I don't know if this made it to international media but the news of a youth falling prey into a tiger's den in New Delhi's National zoo/park did create nation-wide furore.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, a youth crossed his safety limit to have a clearer look of the White Bengal tiger by climbing over the fence. As his fate could have it, he tripped and fell on the dangerous side of the fence. His death made a slow visit on him with the feline taking its time to gauge the intruder, round him up and measure up the opportunity. Eyewitness even said the youth had sat for nearly five minutes cornered, pleading with joined hands for his life. Then came his end- as swift, brutal and scary as one can imagine.

This episode is shocking, sad and scary, but it raises many questions.

° where were the authorities during the whole time? Shouldn't they have been spread across the premises to ensure abiding of rules and provide help in case of emergencies? The tiger gave them 15minutes of the youth's life, yet they arrived after his death visited on him.

° It is a myth that the creatures of the wild are always ready for the kill. In reality they do not harm until they are hungry, are attacked/angered at the first place, and/or have been tortured or feel threatened themselves. So, are the animals given all the rights they deserve in their enclosures? Or have they been neglected, and deprived of their neccessities?

° The animals of the wild, especially felines do not turn man-eaters until it's their last resort, and have been starving to death. So, are the animals in the zoo/park properly fed on time and in the right portions? Maybe that is what the White tiger in the Delhi's incident was analysing for the five minutes the youth sat begging for his life! Seeing if it can any other source of food!

India's National pride is falling in the eyes of the world. Questions have to be answered, errors corrected and needful done before we shame ourselves for it.


  1. Oh dear! What a tragic story and demise of this young man! I had seen/read very briefly a similar story though not sure if it was the same one. You raise good questions Asma and I wonder too, could someone not have used a cellphone to contact the people at the zoo? Perhaps the zoo requires an emergency phone number. <3

    1. Exactly, Elly... this incident points many fingers at the management. Many corrective measures have to be taken.