Monday, September 22, 2014

Showers of blessing

It has finally rained here in K.G.F (my home-town) today, after a long period of wait and desperation.

As mid-June to mid-october is the season of monsoon in India, you can understand the relief the birds, animals and people felt on finally receiving a good shower just today through out the entire season this year; that too when all other parts of India, esp. South India and more precisely most of the neighbouring districts received irregular but moderate rainfall. All the while we were thankful for the few light showers we received and prayed for even better in the days to come.

As always several theories abound to explain our predicament. Scientifically they say as the plantation of eucalyptus trees has increased in the past decade in our district, it has upset the water balance which in turn has upset the rain-bearing clouds.

Another theory suggests that the high voltage lines of the newly laid electric gauges for railway dissipates the clouds away.

The local folks even assert that the sporadic digging of borewells to overcome the water shortage has released so much of earth's internal heat that it drives away the clouds to cooler zones where they then fall as rain.

A common apprehension however is that the Almighty is angry by the reckless erring mentality of the folks here, and He is punishing us this way.

I don't know what's the exact reason, or how much weight each theory actually carry... But I truly hope and pray our wait is over and more such rainy days are here to come in K.G.F.

And if you are wondering what or where on earth is this K.G.F, you can wiki or google it out, but do stay tuned for my next blog, for a small glimpse of my home-town through my eyes (and words).


  1. Ha! You read my mind Asma! I was curious what KGF was though you need to type India after or you'll end up across the other side of the world: mine! ;) Those are all interesting theories and I would love to find out which one(s) are correct. Glad nature - landscape and animals got rain. It's similar to over in my part of the world too with a pretty hot dry summer from the most part. <3

    1. Really Elly? :) is there a K.G.F in vancouver too? What is it's expanded name? And thank you for your well wishes