Sunday, September 14, 2014

Maze of my own

This was what I was like the whole of last week.

Everytime I try to write,
I always get so distract,
I'm lost in a maze of my own.

My words take flight,
Then simply disappear from my mind.
They are lost in the maze I told.

I want to read and read,
Share, like, reply and comment,
But when I wish to write...

All is lost in the maze you know.

Then my dear friend Elly Stornebrink came to my rescue, and in the past two days, she did me a world of good. The below four lines are specially made and dedicated to her. Thank you, Elly!

Then I told my friends,
And amidst them a friend replied,
With her pep talks, aid and advice,
She brought me out of the maze of mine.


  1. Not surprised, dear Asiya it was Elly! You see, even when you are stuck you create thought provoking beauty! HUGS

    1. Thank you judy :) but Elly really helped ne through. The credit goes to her :)

  2. How adorable. And I agree with Judy. It must have been Elly :)

  3. Oh Asma, you tickle me so. Thanks! I love your poems...I told you you could do it! I love and can relate to "My words take flight, Then simply disappear from my mind, They are lost in the maze I told" and I have a feeling a lot of writers experience that from time to time! ;) <3