Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smiling along the miles

Having had such a friendly reaction from my neighbours (read My friendly neighbours to know), I was rather motivated to be all the more friendly to her. Here's another fictionalised account of my endeavours and their outcome:

I smiled at my neighbour,
Everytime I found her near;
In her garden, at the store,
At the crossroad, or her door.

At first she rechecked whether
It wasn't  one of her silly dreams;
Then as always gave me a glare,
That were her silent screams.

I still pursued her with my smiles,
For I believed good will result from my tries;
I smiled when she glared at me,
I smiled even if she gave me a sigh.

I smiled at her warmly
When she won at a game;
I gave her a smile so soft
When a trouble made her lame.

Then like sunshine
My smile broke the ice betwixt;
It struck a chord in her heart,
And she smiled at me so very sweet!


  1. On all fours? A dog? A smile (from a dog)? ;) Hmmm, I'm intrigued who your friendly neighbour is! ;) <3

    1. Hahahaa :D no dear Elly, she isn't a dog. By "on her four" I meant she was in her garden on her knees and hands tending to her plants, potting and planting, etc :)
      Perhaps I should have just left it at "In her garden"... I could have followed it with "at the stores" instead of "on her fours"! 'Stores' sounds better, right? What do you suggest, dear? :)