Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halt! Oh people!

A haiku pondering on the way the world is going with its vices.

it's clear! Look yonder,
the path we are headed now,
is roadway to hell


  1. And sadly, dear Asiya more and more people are following the crowd marching along it Perhaps tomorrow's haiku will be the words of a prophet who meets them on their way! HUGS (I guess you can tell that your haiku along with today's events make me sad.)

  2. Too true. Sadly, too true. Alana

  3. My heart believes that though the path we are headed on may be the 'roadway to hell' that things will change. My heart also believes that there is more good - and good people - in the world contrary to sensationalist media. Thus, I would hope that the road eventually leads to heaven as is also forecasted...elsewhere! ;) <3 (And BTW, I do not know what happened today...must be/have been out of the loop!)

    1. I so really admire your optimism Elly :) yes i hope so too! But what do you mean by 'forecasted elsewhere' dear? :)

  4. Lets not be too sad Judy and Alana. Lets find hope from Elly's words and do our bit to save our world :)