Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two little birdies

Witty and Mitty were two little birds. They were best friends and stayed together as often they could. Witty was very clever, and Mitty was very soft, not just on the outside but in his heart too. One day while they were flying together to their friend litty’s birthday party they saw a huge plane fly by.

For a minute they mind went blank and fear engulfed their heart. For their parents had always told them horror stories about this big monster bird, which came with a thundering noise, and caught such little birdies that did too much mischief or did not heed their parents or did not sleep on time. This monster bird then took all the birdies it caught to a far away place and cut their wings so they couldn’t fly back home, scooped out their eyes so they could not see the beautiful world anymore, and fried them for his food.

Now both Witty and Mitty were so scared as the monster bird seemed to be darting towards them only, both shivered from their tip to tail and flew as fast as they could for their dear lives.
“What are we going to do, Witty?” Mitty asked his chirpy voice shivering with him.
“I don’t know, Mitty. We first have to take shelter.”
By luck, just then he spotted a huge banyan tree atop a big cliff.
“Fast! Swoop to that little hole in that big tree ahead us. The monster is too big to enter that small hole.”
Witty’s mind was working faster than his wings.

Once in the safety of the little hole, both friends hid in its darkest corner, their eyes tightly shut, and hugging each other with their little feathery wings. For a moment that seemed like ages they felt the droning noise was yelling in their ears and the monster bird was right over them.

Then, the noise grew distant again and as they slowly opened their eyes so very slightly to see where the monster was. They saw its tail turned to them and it was flying away towards the sun. Both birds heaved a sigh of relief and danced with utter joy.

Just then Witty thought this was their golden and only chance to save all the little birdies the monster must have caught this time.
“Come Mitty, We have some friends to rescue.” Witty yelled as he took flight to follow the plane.
“Wait! Come back, Witty. Where are you going? Why are you following the monster? And who do we have to save?” Mitty screeched flying behind Witty and trying to catch up with him.
“The little birds the monster must have caught this time,” Witty explained not taking his eyes off the monster and flying as fast as he could to stay in its trail. “We cannot let them die! If we follow the monster bird to its den, we can free the little birdies when he will fall asleep and fly back home.”
“Are you crazy, Witty? If the monster sees us he will fry us straight away or eat us raw!”
“He won’t. We’ll stay out of sight and follow right behind.”

Mitty swallowed hard for he knew Witty had made up his mind and he couldn’t leave his friend alone either. The birds fluttered their wings as fast as they could, but the monster always seemed to fly faster. The two little birds soon grew tired, and just as their wings began to really ache badly Witty got another idea.
“One last time, Mitty, use all the energy you have and follow me.” Witty encouraged his friend and darted towards the plane.

In a few minutes, both were now right over the monster and landed over its head. For both were sure, that was one spot the monster would never be able to look up and see.
“Now, we can rest all the way, Mitty. The monster will take us home.” Witty exclaimed with a big smile and a wink to his friend.

Thus, Witty and Mitty set out again in their own little adventure.


  1. Sweet story Asma and I see yourself in the bird with the soft and gentle heart, though I bet you are clever too! ;) <3

    1. :D well, thanks for the compliments, Elly :) I guess there's a little bit of Witty and Mitty in all of us! Like in you, I see more of Witty- clever, courageous and caring, and also soft, cautious and loyal like Mitty :)

  2. Not just a poet, haiku writer, literature researcher - a children's author too! Lovely. Can envision the two little birdies - chasing the plane and then landing on top - all excited and proud of themselves. So, what is their next adventure going to be??? HUGS <3

    1. Haven't thought about it! :) will try and come up with it soon.
      And thanks for your praises and liking my story, judy :)