Monday, September 29, 2014

Award nomination denomination

First of all I would like to thank my dear friend and fellow-blogger Elly Stornebrink for awarding me the two awards. It's such a big compliment to be nominated (which equates to awarded) along with such prolific bloggers.

I also thank the Almighty for guiding me at every step, and my parents, friends, well-wishers and peers for supporting me through. Without all of you, it would have been impossible for me to be here.

The two awards,
>The sunshine blogger awards


>The very inspiring blogger awards

are indeed very prestigious and encouraging titles. I have always aimed at including both traits in my blogs, and surely winning these awards would be no less than a dream-come-true. May the most deserving nomination win.

As per the instructions, the nominee has to present7 qualities of themself. So, here is my self-praise list:

~I am an aspiring writer and have few poems, short stories and articles published in Indian print and online media.
~I have been blogging since 2008. Previously in rediffblogs and presently on blogger.
~My various genre include poetry, articles, book reviews, views and analysis, theology, short stories and more recently- haiku and stories for children.
~I hail from a small mining town Kolar Gold Fields near Bangalore in karnataka, India
~I love to read, make crafts and travel.
~I am a die-hard nature lover and sky gazer.
~I love making friends, learning of new cultures and spreading goodness.

We also have to award the titles to 8 other bloggers . So here are my awardees (you need not re- blog about these awards again if you have already been awarded by them) :

Elly Stornebrink
Judy Yaron,
Cindy Ackley,
Amrit Sinha,
Roshan Radhakrishnan,
Sophie Bowns,
Candess Campbell,
Sunny Fernandes.

And lasting here's a list of instructions to be followed by the awardees.

¤Include the images of both the awards in your nomination/accept speech,
¤State 7 pro things about self.
¤Nominate/award 8 other bloggers you find to be deserving.
¤Let your nominees/awadees know about it.

(Another award and my thank you note in my next blog:Award nomination denomination2)

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  1. Congrats Asma! And you make me chuckle, I believe you cannot award me with the awards that I just awarded you for! ;) <3