Sunday, September 28, 2014

To be a writer refined... (1)

I've been a member of the Ultimate Blog Challenge Community and the Ultra Blog Challenge Community for almost three months now and I have got to learn, understand and see so many aspects of writing in both these forum.

I have met some wonderful bloggers and friends, interacted on an international level and imbibed amazing intricacies of writing. I am so grateful to the Almighty for leading me here, and to both these forums and the people I met here for making a world of difference to me.

One thing which I have very recently learnt through these challenges and its participants is that consistency is one of the most essential traits to be a writer. It is a very complicated and vibrant field, and to survive here one needs to blend in all the colours and work through the way.

No matter what is on in our life and no matter what state of mind we are in, we have to write to keep the writer in us going. Once we quit or say "off" at the face of any compulsion, it becomes so difficult for the writer in us to recollect herself and continue as if nothing had hindered her path at all.

The writer in us is like a separate individual in herself, who resides within us. Whatever happens with us or around us is ours to bear or share, but the writer must remain unaffected whatsoever. She may get inspired, share in your joys, sympathise your pain or dwell on your worries by weaving words on each occasion, but to stop her from writing because of our personal reason or priorities is just not done.

I have faltered this month, succumbed to my failings and may or may not meet the challenge this month, but today I have struggled against my feelings, my failings and my faltering footsteps, and made an attempt to keep the writer in me going. The result is this blog open to your honest scrutiny.

Speak your heart out.


  1. I think dear Asma you are being too hard on yourself as it takes A LOT of discipline to write consistently on these blog challenges. I know as I have almost completed two. Secondly, I beg to differ with your opinion on the need to write daily. Perhaps it depends on the writer; however, I think I will never 'get rusty.' I will always have the writer in me in part as I have way too many ideas and have a number of drafts in my blog posts. Thus, an occasional prompt may be great from time to time; however, that could always change down the road. ;) <3

    1. Dear Elly :) i'm sorry for not being clear enough. I didn't mean write daily. It would be a more taxing than due. I meant to bring a consistency in our schedule- not give in to our whims and changing moods.

    2. Oh? Except whims and changing moods could fuel writing inspiration, could it not? ;) <3

    3. Ofcourse they can be, dear :) I guess I still have to learn the art :) thanks for prompting this idea, Elly :-)