Monday, November 3, 2014

The 10th of Muharram

The 10th day of Muharram (the first month of Islamic Calendar), also called as Yom Aashura meaning the tenth day, has always been known the world-over for the martyrdom of Imam Hussayn and many of his family and supporters (blessed be their souls) in the Battle of Karbala in 61 A.H (islamic calendar), that is, 680 A.D.

Every year I have attempted to pay my homage to these great warriors through a blog dedicated to them. This year I have decided to go deeper and make it a three-part series segregated into The past ( prominence of Yom Aashura prior to Mohammaden era),
The event (the people connected to Battle of Karbala), and
The present (the traditions and state of people today).

The past :

There have occured phenomenal events in the lifetime of several prophets preceding our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all) on this day, which have been rather blissful and liberating.

On this day (as revealed by Our prophet and various Hadiths), Our earliest Prophet Adam (blessed be his soul) was forgiven by the Almighty on this day, for eating the forbidden fruit.

Prophet Moses (blessed be his soul) gained victory over the wicked last Pharoah of Egypt on this day, and the Pharoah with his army drowned in River Nile in the epiculean tide.

Prophet Jesus was raised to heaven on this day.

And also Prophet Noah's ark survived The Great Flood beginning on this day.

There are several such incidents which credit this date with great prominence in Islamic History. To know of more of such events, check on towards end of the article SDIPRO: DUA-E-AASHURA by the Sunni Dawate Islami Public Relations Office, Mumbai.

As Islam embraces all the prophets preceding Prophet Muhammad as his ancestors and a true muslim's Faith can never be complete without the acceptance of all the prophets and their religion as true, we commemorate these events in accordance by the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (adapting the gesture of Prophet Moses who observed a Fast on this day in gratitude of the victory over Pharoah), we muslims Fast on the eve of Ashura and observe night long vigil seeking Allah's blessings as He bestowed on this day.

This Fast and vigil is very much appreciated in Islam though not made obligatory (for ease of convenience).

Allah knows His will better but one other aspect about this day which stands out strongly is, He didn't make bestow prominence to this day in the lives of every prophet, or if He has, He hasn't revealed it onto us. Also, the day invokes a rather emotional recollection for muslims, and a mixed feeling of pride and sorrow with regards to the Battle aforementioned. Maybe The Almighty willed so to discourage any superstitious or blind faith to get associated to this day! As I said, He knows his will better.

We shall look into The event of Karbala in my next blog tomorrow.

May this day be peaceful to all world-over.


  1. It's interesting to note that you consider the men you mention as prophets in Islam are also referred to in Christianity; however, that could be because I'm not as familiar with religions as perhaps you are Asma! ;) <3

    1. Yes Elly, and that is true, for Jews, Christians and Muslims are brethren by books. We share the same history.