Monday, November 10, 2014

Teeny life's big troubles.

There are many memories of childhood that remain with us always. One such memory which my family often recall is when I was only a few months old and had a severe bout of dehydration.

They say I had to remain hospitalised in the local doctor's clinic. My parents had to stay awake all night holding me in their lap in turns, while I drifted between periods of light sleep, diarrhea, long wails of pain, and discomfort.

The night passed like a nightmare over my mother who wouldn't leave my side even when my father would take over the turn to cradle me. She would sit beside me, reciting verses of healing she remembered, blowing them over me and praying to The Almighty for my speedy recovery and health.

My father too was so consumed in worry, he couldn't catch a wink of sleep nor care for it.

Even my elder sister, who was around 5 years old then and staying over at my grandparents' home for the night, suffered no less. She was so stung by our parents' absence that she hardly found sleep and would awaken time and again crying to be by their side. From her queries it was even evident she was quite scared for me too.

It was only when my health restored near dawn and the doctor allowed my parents to take me home that their health and happiness returned.

My family has used Dabur Chyawanprash since then as part of our regular diet.

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Surely, parents love and care is the most precious gift in life, and a happy and healthy child is the heart of the family.

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