Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Day that was...

The Event (battle of Karbala and the martyrs):

Imam Hussayn, the blessed grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them), laid down his life to defend liberty, truth, what was right and the cause of Islam from the tyrant and heinous successor to calliphate Yazid. It was a battle between power and prestige, between oppression and public welfare, between politics and humanity. Yes, Imam Hussayn and majority of his kin and supporters laid down their lives in this battle, but their cause was not lost. The struggle for liberation continued even after the Battle and liberation was achieved long at last. Yazid's rule was tyrannic as feared but short-lived and his death is a lesson of how God's ways work.

I found the wikipedia article on Battle of Karbala really informative and well-covered, and have not found any documents to confront the report so far. So, anybody wishing to know the entire unfolding of the event can visit the link above.

All the martyrs and warriors involved in this battle symbolise such patriotism, valour and strength, our heart swells with pride and honour for these heroes, and our souls cry over the brutality meted out to them.

But three honourables I would wish to give a special mention here are Imam Hussayn, Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali, and Bibi Zainab ibn Ali for they have each projected such different aspects that are not only praiseworthy in warfare but give a lasting message for life.

Imam Hussayn sacrificed everything he held close to his heart- his country, his home, his family, his friends and even his life, for the supreme cause and never yeilded to the extreme pressure and cruelty of Yazid. This courage becomes more commendable in the light of the fact that his death as a martyr in the field of Karbala was long ago revealed on Prophet Muhammad via Angel Gabrielle.

He didn't fear death, nor loved life more than his duties on earth. He teaches us about true dedication, courage and how life is more than mere existence.

Hazrath Abbas ibn Ali was the half-brother of Imam Hussayn and what a brother he proved to be! A true guardian, a keeper of promise and a man who honoured words and kinship above life. A man who laid down his without a regret when duty called.

Do read his section of the wikipedia article I mentioned above to understand what I mean. A brother every sister wishes for and a comrade every brother would pride in. He teaches us the value of an uttered word (an oath, promise or even testimony) and how love and dedication knows no boundary.

Bibi Zainab ibn Ali showed her strength under the most trying hour. She stood by her brother Hussayn and the warriors giving them the much needed emotional and moral support during the battle, confronted the oppressors with her strong will after the death of Hussayn, guarded and supported the womenfolk and children, and never shunned from standing for the cause her family died for.

Her role played after the battle in raising people's courage to fight Yazid and the consequent uprising is esp. commendable to note, for she never abandoned her duty using her gender as an excuse. She also never feared for her life and if it was not for her, all the lives lost and sacrifices made would have been in vain.

She teaches us the power of womanhood and how our duty rises above all obstacles.

My salute to all these valliants and warriors.


  1. absolutley Asma, these are the few days in the year that we can remember our martyrs with pride as well as sorrow and hope to emulate them in our lives.

    1. Assalam Maryam, it feels nice to hear from you again :) and you are so right! The real tribute we can pay to our warriors is to emulate them in our lives... thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  2. Such honourable and noble men and women Asma. Glad to know there is one woman as well who was noble to the cause! ;) <3

    1. Yes Elly, they were true souls who lived and died for a cause. And our reverend Lady Zainab is an inspiration. Islamic history is full of such bravehearts (women too). Perhaps, one day I shall share about them :) thank you for your appreciation...