Saturday, January 17, 2015

Worth The Effort

I shall always remember 2014 as a very eventful year. For so many things (good and not so good) happened at once during the past year. It practically passed like a whirlwind, took me by a storm and transformed me into an entire new being. On the whole, I'm grateful to The Almighty for everything and carry no regrets, grudges or anything as such.

But one event that repeated itself twice, and honestly took even me by surprise, was rather pleasant in itself, and left me with gifts of a lifetime.

The event: Tapping my inner potentials.

Why so surprised?
Because on both the instances I did not have the least idea that I was capable of such feats.

The first of it occured around mid-year, one morning as I was discussing a point with Amrit Sinha, a wonderful author, poet, and friend of mine. He is amazing in creating english haiku, and I still wonder as to how or what made him so confident that even I had the talent. I had not even thought about it, and he asserted he could clearly see it in my writings.

Nonetheless, his confidence in me, and the challenge of writing haiku in itself, had me give it an earnest attempt. I did make mistakes, and he was also so good as to correct and guide me.

But what do you think! It was 'love at first attempt' for me. I may not be so good for now, but it's become my passion and one day even I may be awesome at it.

Here's a new haiku I made:

New Beginnings

a new dawn beckons
all those asleep, lone, and lost;
it's new year, my friend

(You can read the other haiku's I have written, by following the link "haiku" in the label section of this post.)

The second such instance happened to me just as 2014 was wrapping up.

The end of old year, also means the end of the season's holiday for kids. My 4 year old nephew too was no exception. Studying in lower kindergarten, he too had his lot of pending homework to complete, get ready to don the uniform and go back to school once back home. Being more as his friend and playmate, I felt it my moral duty to sit with him and help him complete the lot.

Now, as neither he nor my sister would let me write in his book, I sat with a book and pencil of my own, and competing with him to finish his hindi lessons by racing each other to self-set milestones of three times or four times the letter. Thus adding a bit of fun along the way.

And just like that, out of the blue this idea struck me as to why not try doing it with my right hand. As most of you ,my friends and who have read my Blog "The predicaments of being a left-handed", know I'm a left-hander, it was quite a herculean task for me. This is how it turned out:

(You can see the difference in both hand's writing by the wavering in the later written units.)

I was ecstatic with this discovery, and when I questioned my own mirth over it, the answer was prompt and clear in my mind:

"It is because I'm not abandoning my natural talent. I shall always pride myself as being a left-hander. But ambidexterity is a rare gift, and when I have the potential, why not master it!"

As of this day, I can write different languages, do simple chores, colour and draw designs with my right hand moderately.

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  1. I certainly enjoy your haiku Asma and think you are a natural at it. I know 'cause I'm not! ;) I think it's a talent you have, though I think it is a skill people can develop with practice. And cool that are ambidextrous with all those things: how fun! And good for you! :) <3