Saturday, January 3, 2015

An epitome of humanity

On this day (12th of the islamic month Rabbi-ul-Awwal) as the first burst of dawn hid behind the dark veil of last moments of night, a widowed young mother gave birth to a son- her only child, who was named Mohammed, and who was destined and prophecised to change the course of humanity and bring light of knowledge and wisdom in a time when darkness of ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy and dominance was widespread.

Islamic world celebrate the birth anniversary of this great legend as Milaad-un-Nabi on this day every year (which falls on 4th of january, this year).

Prophet Mohammed was born at a time and in a soceity where a perpetual war of supremacy and dominance raged betwixt the local tribes of Arabia; the teachings of the preceding prophets were manipulated, abandoned or forgotten under the lures of money, power and self-indulgence; the weak and helpless were abused, ill-treated and oppressed; women were reduced to mere domestic objects, female-infanticide and slave-torture was rampant; and atrocity was the way of life of the strong and influential.

He grew up to earn the titles like the Truthful One, the Honest One, The friend of all and The Respectful one, even before his prophethood was revelled upon all. And when his prophethood was revealed, he did earn enemity from the oppressors and way-laid (many from his own kith and kin), he faced en-masse hostility and heart-breaking ridicules, and even lost many of his beloved ones.

But he had a divine duty to perform and never faltered even for once. He reciprocated stones, swords and swearings with a smile, forbearance and forgiveness. He answered every challenge and tests of his opposers and doubtsters with alacrity and precision. He sacrificed willingly, endeavoured relentlessly and taught with utmost love and patience.

When he did go to war it was as a last resort, in compliance of the Divine commandment and to safeguard human values and the lives of those who trusted him. And he never ill treated the war survivors who surrendered to him.

The Treaty of Hudaiwiya and The conquest of mecca are classic paradigms of human-rights and how to treat even our enemies with leniency and respect. He taught the virtues of patience, love, mutual co-existence and kindness.

He even set examples of secularism by often accepting invites and himself inviting people of other religions, passing unbiased judgments in any dispute that was brought to him, visiting and helping the poor, sick and needy, maintaining friendly contacts with all he could and appreciating his followers who did the same.

He lived a very ordinary lay-man life void of any luxury or indulgence, but his life is a treasure-trove of inspiration and wisdom. He fulfilled his divine obligation and- as The almighty Allah states in the Holy Quran that those who live to fulfill his divine will (prophets, martyrs and saints) never die, they only bid adieu to worldly existence; They remain alive even in their tombs- even Prophet Mohammed lives in Medina and reaches out to those who call unto his guidance and aid.

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