Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Challenges For New Year

In July last year, I did a two-poem take on Being-Friendly Challenge. Those of you who can recall will probably also know my inspiration behind it. Those of you who haven't read them yet, you can easily locate them by clicking on the "being-friendly challenge" link in the labels section under this post.

And it is with great pleasure I present before you all today, the inspiration behind the whole idea- the candid, caring, compassionate, and lovely Cindy Ackley.

A cancer survivor, and a most-dedicated licensed Massage Therapist living in Mesquite, Texas, she shares her life, experiences, and warm thoughts with the world, in her web-page www.lifeisbeautifulandhealthy.com. I love her every post, but if I have to pick my favourites, they are
Don't Give Up! Dreams Do Come True! (for the sheer joy and magic it imparts).
A Blessing In Disguise (for all the interesting aspects I learnt about life across the globe).

Full of motherly instincts, and love, care, and concern for all, she is one of the most amazing and inspiring personage I was blessed to meet last year. She graces my page today, to share with us what she and 2015 have set out for each other.

Thank you, Cindy for obiging to my request and adding this special touch to our first New Year together.

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The guest blog by Cindy Ackley on the new changes and challenges 2015 brings along for her.

New Challenges For New Year

Every year on January 1st, we make resolutions or declare changes that we would like to accomplish. Sometimes these changes are self inflicted things like starting a new diet or healthy habit. More often than not, these changes are good for a few weeks or a couple of months, then we are back to our old ways.

This year my challenge is a bit different. I have found myself with an empty nest after my youngest daughter has decided to move in with a friend from work. My husband travels a lot for work and I am "home alone"! This year I will be discovering how to maintain my healthy eating habits and cooking for one. You may laugh, but this is really a challenge for me. I have always loved cooking and enjoy serving my family healthy dinners. I have always enjoyed the way that they rave about how delicious a meal that it was.

I am learning how to shop for one. I have already thrown out more produce than I actually consumed. Produce stands and Farmers Markets have things prebundled in baskets or bags and there is no way that I can use it all before it goes bad. I suppose I could if I ate the same thing everyday. That is way too boring! It is difficult to find a place that will sell you one handful of green beans, one handful of carrots, one half a bundle of asparagus and the list goes on.

On the other hand, this empty nest syndrome does have some positive advantages. There is much less laundry and house cleaning to do. There is more time for gardening. There is more time for just doing whatever I choose to do. Which may or may not get me into trouble! It could make me lazy or I just might write a novel. Time will tell.......


  1. Thank you once again, dear Cindy for the wonderful blog and sharing your love, cheer and life with us once again. You are a true inspiratiion. Wish you lots,of joy, good health,love, and sucess, dear

  2. Thank you for honoring me as your guest. I love the way that we have become friends through our blogs. I think of you as one that is very dear to me. I love your inquisitive mind. You never fail to make me smile. ❤

    1. I'm so glad to have found you too, Cindy :)
      And It's so true, Judy and Elly! I don't know how it works in Texas...but here in India, we can always pack lunches and casseroles, and drop them in at orphanages, old-age homes, and such happy homes. Maybe you can try doing it too once in a while, Cindy :)

  3. I can relate to the shopping for and cooking for one dilemma! It can be a challenge at times for sure. Perhaps invite a friend for the occasional meal and/or consider a neighbourhood pot-luck perhaps? That way you can be sure you won't be bored with the same meal... ;) <3

  4. Cindy! This post is sooo you!!! Yea, it can get a bit weird when you suddenly discover that you are responsible just for yourself and not anyone else! You can eat from the plastic container ... you can ice cream and popcorn for lunch ...I am sure that you will be good company for yourself and as Elly suggested - it's time for girlfriends! Aren't we all lucky that we have found one another across so many borders! HUGS <3