Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Essence of Ramadhan- VI

After a whole month spent under the wings of Ramadhan, there comes a night which honours all those who have fasted with true dedication towards the Almighty, and which is a harbinger of the joys of the festival ahead and captures the entire essence of the month passed by in its wraps.

It is the night of appraisal/reward called Laylatul Jaeza/ Laylatul Jaza, which is on the eve of Eid (festival) after we sight its crescent.

Layla in arabic means Night, Jaeza means appraisal, and Jaza means reward. Both the names are popularly accepted as this night beholds both the aspects of appraisal and reward.

The Almighty appraises our month long adherance to His will on this night and rewards us for our sacrifices, dedication, devotions and adherance. So it becomes all the more important that we do not indulge in distractions, divergence or resort to our bad habits as soon as we find ourself free from the obligations of Ramadhan, instead endeavour to please Him by our deeds and prayers, seek forgiveness for our shortcomings, learn from all that Ramadhan has to offer and work to be a better person every day in every way.

Just as the crescent of Ramadhan is sighted on its onset, Allah has assured us that the doorways to hell are closed for the entire month, and Satan (with his entire cult) is bound in chains so that he may not distract those who fast or trouble them in any way.

Now, after the crescent of Eid (festival) is sighted on completion of Ramadhan, and we are out of its ambit of obligations, the doorways to hell are re-opened and Satan too is set free. This phenomenon is actually an indication of the mercy of the Almighty, and a caution that If we are not careful, if we do not retrace our steps from the vice, and if we are not sorry for our misdeeds... we might just lead ourself to damnation (read hell); and with our enemy (Satan) on the loose, the road ahead is going to be treacherous unless we hold onto the Almighty's rope tightly, and walk under His divine guiding light.

We cannot be perfect. We are prone to err; but if we have realised our mistake, are truly sorry for it, desiring to undo our wrong or make amends for it, and ready to turn a new leaf... we will always find the Almighty close by to forgive us, guide us and help us through.


  1. And what kind of reward(s) do you receive after the month-long Ramadhan? ;)

  2. Dear Elly, I love your wonderful insight and questions :)
    Allah appraises our month long activity based on our intentions and dedication, and likewise grants us all the rewards He has promised for our Fasts, prayers, charity and devotion,in matters of world and after it. He grants us the wishes of our heart, forgives our sins, guides and protects us and our belongings from all harms and evil distractions. The highest reward He has promised us is Himself, which means He dedicates Himself to us as much as (even more than) we are dedicated to Him. This is the honour for a honest heart.
    It may even interest you to know that those who spend the night, I discussed above, in prayers and good deeds, Allah strengthens their faith and keeps them strong and true even in the darkest hour when all others faiths have died and they have either succumbed to the onslaughts of evil, or are indulged in vice themselves (Almost the sad state of many today).