Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Inspiration- Judy Yaron

When I first read about the Tata motors blog prompt #madeofgreat, the first person I thought of was my dear mentor and friend Judy Yaron. She fit the slot perfectly and I knew I have to write this one in her honour.

A loving grandmother from Israel in her mid 60's and an earnest blogger, young at heart Dr. Judy Yaron has a Ph.d in Shared Leadership. She is a pedagogical Advisor (though she prefers to call herself as a Pedagogical Artist), a teacher, an A1 class content strategist, and proprietor of the website for writing solutions- www.cutthecrapsolutions.com.

She is also the founding member of the Facebook group Granny's girls' GYM which is dedicated to help she-preneurs create opt-ins, explore and utilise their Gifts and Geniuses, find their rhythm and get their idea working. She also leads several other such forums, and is a member of the Yachad Accelerated Learning Project (YALP), an independent not-for-profit educational organisation based on partnerships between Australia and Israel. She travels around the globe teaching special courses to children, helps schools plan their curriculum, and helps anyone in need.

Born to a highly respected American military officer, reformist and author Haim Gershoni, and a beautiful, talented painting artist Marilyn Gershoni Jung, who migrated to Israel when Judy was six years old, Judy takes after her parents amazingly.

A passion to serve, the courage to face any odds, love for everyone, boundless creativity, and a golden heart above all are what makes her so special, and a person #madeofgreat.

She has seen life in all its colours, welcomed every hardship that came her way, and conquered all her problems with a smile, sensibility, self confidence and strength. As Straightforward and honest she is in her opinion, she is never discouraging. She may tell you directly when you are at wrong, but she always treats everyone as equal, with fairness, compassion and respect.

I met Judy a little over a year ago on Facebook via a blogger's forum Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Our friendship was instantaneous.

Having spent years trying to find my space in the world of writing and failing one too many times by then, I was ready to give up everything, accept failure and lose myself in oblivion. But on Judy's insistence I decided to give the forum's month long Daily Blog Challenge a try. And her first comment on my first blog under the Challenge proved to be my anchor against my inner storm and a leverage to keep trying onto the end.

In consequence, I completed a very successful Challenge, improved my writing skills by degrees, reached international readers, and made some truly precious friends from around the world. Judy has always been by my side ever since providing me the much needed moral support, advice, counselling and career guidance. She has helped me find new avenues and learn from every new experience.

Judy Yaron for me is the definition of true friendship, perseverance, and wisdom. A woman #madeofgreat, made for great, and someone I will always admire and look up to from the bottom of my heart.

* To understand better how special Judy truly is read one of her latest blogs- Don't you just hate it hate it hate it when people take take take?

* To know more about Tata motors campaign #madeofgreat with the amazing footballer Lionel Messi visit http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/

* You can know more about the YALP organization from their website www.yalp.org.au/

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