Saturday, November 28, 2015

More For Babies In Your Care

I shared some of the basic tips we need to keep in mind and follow if we wish to keep our baby's skin soft and safe in my previous blog For The Child In Your Care.

Continuing on, I have few more tips for other areas of child care which need to be monitored well for the wellness of our little Angel.


It is a universal fact that humans get a major portion of their nourishment and energy from food. Also, none can defy that for the first six months from birth, mother's milk is best for the baby.

So, it is vital not just for the mother's health, but also for the baby's proper nutrition and growth that the mother's diet is rich in proteins, calcium, minerals and vitamins.

Make sure the mother drinks enough water, has creamy milk and eats a well balanced meal to ensure that the baby's skin is nourished from within too.

In cases where breastfeeding is not an option, special and strict diets have to be formulated with the help of the physician.


Another major source of our protection are the clothes we wear. No doubt we adapt our clothing to comply with the changes in weather and our health. Same goes for the baby too.

Their skin is ultra soft and sensitive. So a layer of soft, clean and mold-free cotton must always be given as the base, as this material is the safest and most comfortable for their skin.
Avoid synthetic material at least until the baby is nearly a year old, and make sure the wool, fleece or whichever extra layer of clothing you choose for the baby is soft, clean, fresh and mold-free.


Yes, a child has to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun and harsh climatic changes. But some exposure is also important to ensure their also get some natural vitamin A from sunlight and adapt to the climate too.

Few minutes in the warm  morning rays after the dew is lifted is considered safe and vital for the newborns. And when the baby starts walking, allow it a few moments in sun at different hours of the day (after giving them proper protection) under good supervision so they adapt, and their skin builds natural resistance too.


Yes, exercise is important. And not just for adults. It flushes out waste from our body, strengthens our defenses, ensure proper use of nutrition, improves blood circulation and gives our skin a healthy and natural glow. Same facts apply for children too.

Newborns must be given some space to move their muscles when awake. Give them light gentle exercises when massaging them.

When the baby starts weaning and moving around on its own allow them at least fifteen to twenty minutes around meals to flex their body. As the child grows increase their play time but also make sure they don't over-exert them self.


Our body repairs itself amazingly while we sleep. Sleep not only relaxes our senses, and repairs our body, but it revitalises our energy sources, clears our mind, and detoxes our skin.

Same facts again applies to babies. Plus, sleep is favoured to help the child grow up healthy and active. So, make sure newborns get at least 20 hours of sleep in a day, weaning babies get at least 18 hours, and so on. Keep the mark of toddlers up to 3years must get at least 12 hours of divided sleep in a day.

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° All facts stated here are compiled from third-person experience, survey and research.

° Blog written in answer to the prompt # SoftestForBabySkin initiated by Pampers India.

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