Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Confessions of my heart (2)

(Continued from here).

I was never a cricket fanatic. For me, it was only a means to gel with my elder sister. We would watch matches together, discuss the outcome, drool over our favourites and look forward for the next match. Somewhere down the line, from amidst these innocent crushes and budding interest one guy caught my attention- Brett Lee.

Maybe it was his deadly attack or his friendly exchanges, but I fell head over heels for him so much that I developed a strong conviction that if I ever befriend any cricketer it would be him , and not just be friends, we would be best friends. I used to even share with my sister, as we lay side by side every night, my imaginations as to the various ways we would meet and become fast friends.

Then my sister got married and moved away, and my interest in cricket too faded away th it. I did keep an update of him via news and media for a while. Then, I didn't even realise when I lost track of him in the hustle-bustle of life but then when he came before me just like that the other day  everything came crashing over me just as strongly.

The promo song of an upcoming football league has several stars from the bollywood tinsel town and the sporting world groove to its tune, and among them is Brett Lee playing football with a bunch of boys.

I had my eyes turned away from the tv when the promo first appeared, and it was my sister to sight him and explain,
"Hey! Isn't that Brett Lee after Sachin Tendulkar?"
My ears and brows perked up instantly at his mention but the promo was over by then and I had to wait for it to come again to confirm to my eyes.

I was not made to wait for long though and when I really saw him for myself then, I was trapped in that second with him and it was only we both in the entire world for me. And ever since then, I have an eye for the promo whenever tv is on and I'm still lost in his thoughts and that one frame of that video and in all those memories of years bygone.

Have you ever felt such a craze for any person?

Do share with us. It would be lovely to hear your story.


  1. I never heard of Brett Lee before and after checking him out on the internet, i.e., google, I find that he is not my kind. I prefer men with dark features. However, I have had a crush on this guy in high school and it was partly, mainly because of him that I got on FB! ;) And he actually is really attractive, much more know which blew me away. It's interesting how those memories and feelings come back, eh! ;) <3


    1. I'm surprised you have never heard of Brett Lee before! Perhaps not a cricket fanatic :) for me it was more of his raw style and youthful overtures that impressed me... but who is this guy you speak about? For whom you came on fb? :) may I know?