Wednesday, January 22, 2014

worthy of love

People say there’s no explaining love. Love just happens and has its own reasons of which reasons know nothing. True. Those who have truly loved, been loved and lived in the beautiful sanctity of love, actually know what love means and how true these wonderful quotes of love are. But it holds true to every relationship and bonding committed to and experienced by us on earth and not just the precious and pure relationship shared by two individuals as spouses/couples.

Though in present day context “love” is the most widely used and misconstrued term and sadly often misused term, true love does exist and is such a boon and blessing that it’s beyond the expression of words. There can be no greater felony committed than treason under the pretext of love and no bigger impostor than the one who does it.

As much as love acts as one of the many elements that bond and nurtures all the relationships, there’s no denying that love is the basic underlying factor which cements all the relationship and lack of which can make even the most important or least prominent relationship seem a punishment. We often wonder what makes one love another person as much as they do. And why do we not love everyone or everyone equally? The other day as I sat chatting with one my most precious and beloved friend, she shared a thought which seemed to answer these questions and open a whole new perspective towards love.
She said, “We love only those people who we think are worthy of our love, don’t we?” This simple statement, so rich in meaning seems so beautiful and it rings so true too. Doesn’t it?

We give our love to someone because we think they are worthy of it. Love is a very precious and esteemed feeling and we just don’t love anybody for no reason. It may be because of a single, few or certain qualities in a person, an act, a favor, an incident, a situation, a motive, gratitude, grace, beauty, their aura, their existence or their mere presence in our life. They may be our parents, children, siblings, family, friends, spouse, beloved or just any individual; but if we love them we do so because we believe they deserve to be loved, they are worthy of our love and care. And if we ever hate or despise someone or cease to love them anymore, it is because of their degradation of value in our eyes and/or the realization that they are not worthy of our love or not anymore. However, it may always not be the case.

Two other feelings as strong and overpowering as love are anger and hurt. At times, love remains as strongly or may be even more deeply than ever, but some incident or turn of events may have a person withdraw their display of love; and trust me, when this happens, it pains their heart more than it does on the receiving end. If ever, you face such a situation, do all that you can, make the direst efforts and appease their anger, soothe their hurt and tend to their aching heart! There’s no better remedy.

Situations sometimes may even be such that there’s no anger, hatred or hurt coming betwixt, but no matter how much you wish compulsion of situation is such that love has to be hidden. Every day and every moment of your life you pray for them, care for them and love them but there is just no way you can reach out to them, show your love or even console them (even if this attitude of yours hurts them). There is just no way out. Several reasons can be pressing down upon you and compelling you to bear this pain and inflict it on your beloved too; but there’s just no remedy at hand. I believe it is better to speak it out with your beloved, explain your situation and bid adieu than remain silent and bear the pain.

Love is a beautiful and precious gift. It’s an honor to be loved. If someone loves you, respect it, value it and honor it. If you feel you are not loved, someone somewhere (may be without you realizing it) must surely love you, must be searching or waiting for you, or as a saying goes, wrapping the gift of love for you. Look out for it, wait and hope for it. And if you wish for someone’s love, endeavor to earn their love, become worthy of their love.

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