Monday, January 13, 2014

In honour of a true legend

                        In honour of a true legend       

My first memory of hearing about Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) is of my mother telling us siblings anecdotes from his life (and sometimes from lives of his disciples, other prophets and Sufi saints) every night while putting us to sleep, in our childhood, followed by few small prayers.

What I loved the best of these sessions was the universality of the messages each anecdote carried and the simplicity of the great personage. He was always so caring, so affable, so patient, so humble, so humane and so generous, even his enemies and infidels respected, liked and trusted him.

Even prior to the declaration of his prophet-hood he was known for his honesty, hard-work, humbleness and trust-worthy nature; and all used to address him as “Ameen” and “Saadiq” meaning “The trustworthy one” and “The truthful” respectively. After his declaration of Prophet-hood too, this trust did not waiver and even the infidels and people from other religions approached him to solve their serious feuds and knew he will always judge sans any bias or discrimination and justice will surely be delivered.

Today, on his birth centenary, I present before you all some words of wisdom, quotes from him authenticated by the two great books of Hadiths- “Sahi Buqaari” and “Muslim-Sharief”, which I believe are true gems and germane to everyone (especially in present day society); because that is what he always wished for- spread the light of love, life, wisdom and truth across all civilisations and creations.

So here it is... Pearls of Wisdom picked up from the Hadiths… quotes of our Beloved Prophet Mohammed [SAWS – Peace Be Upon Him].

    It is better to sit alone than in the company with the bad; and it is better to sit with the good than alone.

It is better to speak words to a speaker of knowledge than to remain silent; and silence is better than bad words.


    Speak to men according to their mental capacities, for if you speak all things to all men, some cannot understand you, and so fall into errors.


    Keep Yourself far from envy, because

      It eats up and takes away good actions,

like the fire that eats up and burns wood


    The ink of a scholar is more holy than

               The blood of a martyr


    Verily ye(you) are ordered the divine commandments, then forsake them not; ye are forbidden the unlawful, then do not fall therein; there are fixed boundaries, then pass not beyond them; and there’s silence on some things without they being forgotten, then do not debate about them.


 Wishing everyone Happiness on the Birth centenary of this great legend…

“Eid- e- Milaad – un – Nabi sab ko Mubarak ho”

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