Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ladies of the Light

Women. A creation that completes universe. Her strength and her courage lie beneath her humble demeanour. It's not for the world to see, but seldom fails in the hour of need.

Her beauty is innate, her love unconditional, her dedication fierce, and her determination uncompromising.

You don't mess with a woman, because if she gets down to messing she can mess up your whole life.

I dedicate this series to those women whom even the Almighty has saluted. Women since the birth of humanity who have shaped, and sometimes changed the course of history. Women who are exalted in Islam and whose ordeals have been honoured till the end of time.

[NOTE: There may be inconsistencies in facts as the versions differ slightly in different religions and historical records. My focus is according to the Islamic point of view, the research I undertook, and my own interpretations of their nature. My intention is merely to honour these women for their exceptional bravery and commitment, and to help women in present day to find their inner strength and realise their potential. If anyone's sentiments are hurt, It was honestly not my intention. Discussions are encouraged, but let's keep it healthy.]

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My first tribute is to the first woman created by The Almighty. Mother of all humans sans Adam - Eve.

Her Story:

According to The holy Quran, Eve (Muslims refer to her as Mamma Hawwa) was created on the request of Adam when he expressed feeling lonely even in Paradise. They were given the bliss to spend an eternity happily together in Paradise, and forbidden to eat only a particular fruit. It is mentioned as Apple in few versions, and wheat in others. Quran refrains from naming it.

Satan had to avenge his fall from grace which he attributed to Adam, so he came in various guises to lure the couple to that forbidden fruit. When Adam failed to fall to his traps, he targeted Eve first by provocation, then by entreating her mercy.

Her loving heart melted to his false pretences and pleadings, and she agreed to eat the fruit and even succeeded in persuading Adam.
The result was disastrous.

Adam and Eve lost their celestial splendour and invoked the ire of the Almighty. Satan showed his true colours and escaped laughing over their plight.

The errant couple were banished from heaven and thrown on Earth. Not just that, Adam was thrown in the west and Eve on the east. what followed were eons of repentance and traversing the wildness abound in search of each other and the divine forgiveness.

They at last met on the Plains of Arafath after The Almighty forgave them there.

The essence of her example:

Eve is exalted as the mother of humankind and the narration of her story in Holy Quran and Hadith's do not blame her for her faults at all. It is rather understanding of her turmoil and render her human. She is given responsibility of the Great Mistake, but never accused or heralded unworthy of heaven.

They were banished as a punishment to make them realise the cost of disobedience, temptation and ignorance.

The MESSAGE we get from this story is that, It is human to err... but satanic to deny our mistake. We must take responsibility of our deeds and be sorry about it, be willing to bear its consequences, and be humble enough to wait with patience and a true heart till we are forgiven.

The few REALISATIONS we need to understand is that, Women were created as a Gift to mankind, and not to be taken as granted. Women tend to become selfless and are willing to go to any lengths if they hearts are touched and their mercy called upon. But those who exploit this loving and caring heart need to remember it is satanic to do so. And Satan was never forgiven.

Adam too never deserted his wife. He acknowledged his role in the mistake and stood by her through thick and thin. He roamed the entire earth to reunite with her and never once raised a finger at her.

- The biggest lesson I derive from this story is that looks can be deceptive. Have a loving and caring heart, do reach out to the poor, down trodden, and needy, BUT never do so blindly. Be careful on whom you trust. Do your research well and weigh your situation.

Is it worth it? Are you willing to pay the price? Understand what is at stake. And choose the best course of action.

Secondly, Women are neither weak nor helpless. Eve endured eons of years alone in the wilderness and unsure of what surrounded her. But she never lost her nerve. She remained strong and endured all odds. She used her skills to the optimum,braved all perils and kept moving till she met her beloved husband. she kept persevering till she was forgiven, and she took everything in her stride.

I salute her humanity, her bravery, her love, her perseverance, her struggles and her strength.

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