Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rejoice the new beginnings.

Huma  Masood. An amazing person with a heart of gold. One who has the courage to call a spade a spade, and concern to stand by her family and friends through thick and thin. Who has such elegance that it trickles down to even her speech and a wisdom one can rely upon.

Meeting Huma, reading her blogs, and participating in some of her Facebook discussions has been like manna from heaven to me, and I have never told her yet, but I would like her to know through this forum today that, In her I have found my soul-sister and I will always admire and respect her.

Thank you, Huma  for

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Thank you Asma for sharing your beautiful blog with me.

New year eve has a special importance for me. No, not the parties nor the
celebrations, rather it is the "me-time" that I enjoy. I enjoy looking back
at my footprints and then planning my path forward.

A fresh new year... feels like I am holding a beautiful blank dairy with
365 dates to fill in, hopefully, with lots and lots of nice memories and
positive things. Yes, that's what I love the most about it - the HOPE that
accompanies it and inspires me... hope to find time to do what I missed

It is the time to summarise the old and plan for new...

About 365+ days ago, I had realised I needed to focus on healthier living -
it seemed very difficult at the time and I was really not sure if I would
be able to accomplish it - eat more veggies, less processed food, more
exercise, a little gardening... well sort of balcony gardening, healthier
cooking, and so on... Persistence paid and I was able to fill 2014 with a
lot more healthier living choices than ever before, although I slipped
NUMEROUS times, surrounded by the temptations of pizzas and fried chickens
that I was, but I struggled on, not losing hope. Hopefully I will continue
this in 2015 too but with less of slipping.

Now on the eve of this newest year, 2015, I have this strong desire to
explore my "lost-self"... the part of myself that I miss...

I want to reconnect with old friends and forge new friendships and explore
the depth of all my relations.

I want to stand up for what I think is right and not worry about saying the
"right thing".

This year I want to find my voice that I lost trying to catch up with this
fast-paced life. I know it's still there somewhere, since I hear it, time
to time, urging me to "just say it".

I want to spend more time doing my two favourite things - reading and

and make time for the little things that may not make me richer but
definitely make me happier.

And I hope I do....

I want to thank you all for patiently reading my endless chatter and I wish
you all a very HAPPY, PROSPEROUS and HOPEFUL 2015.

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